Interinactivity: August 10, 2011 – Shaemus, Swagger, Del Rio, Barrett, The Miz, & More

Welcome to “Interinactivity” for this week. It was a bit of a slow week for comment numbers, but my column got buried pretty quickly. The good news is, what we lacked in quantity, we made up for in quality! Some good stuff to work with here.


Cristo: Lanny Poffo was awesome & you know it Foxxxy!

Blair: Ha! VINTAGE. I’m actually surprised TNA hasn’t made a play for the Beverly Brothers yet.


Foxxxy: I am admittedly ignorant to much of the indy scene. That being said I know a lot of ppl on here talk a lot about Daniel Bryan being a main event guy/ should have lead Nexus/ etc. Comments. My question is how good is he on the mic though? From what I’ve seen he is a great in ring preformer and I’ve heard he was even better on the indy scene. However, he hasn’t been given a lot of mic time and what he has done hasn’t really stood out to me. As we all know to have mass appeal a wrestler has to be great on the mic. From a draw standpoint it’s probably even more important than in ring work. So my question is how good is he actually on the mic? Is WWE holding him back? Or are they protecting a weakness he has?

Blair: Good question. Bryan is… a DIFFERENT talker on the mic. Like Punk – he’s a different talker. Different doesn’t mean bad though, and it also doesn’t mean he’s not good, it just means he’s not like the boring WWE standard tough-guy talk that has been prevalent over the past decade. I assume from WWE’s point of view, they’re protecting a weakness he has, and depending on how you look at it, they’re kind of right. Bryan will go out there and crack a joke or just flat out say that he’s better than someone and be able to have that statement alone make an impact without needing to take up 8 minutes of mic time. Bryan cut that kind of promo on The Miz once, and I thought it worked well.


Foxxxy: My other question is anyone else concerned the punk/cena storyline maybe headed into wcw/ecw Vs. McMahons territory? It seemed going into Raw a lot of attention was Punk Vs. Cena. At the end of Raw HHH kind of pushed his way into that attention. Plus add Lauranitis to the mix and it seems to be diluting the product. I just don’t want the main focus to turn into HHH vs Laranitis for control of the company and punk to become an afterthought.

Blair: I don’t really see how it could veer into Alliance .vs. WWE territory, unless Punk started bringing in his own guys from ROH or something. Triple H being part of the Cena / Punk equation is fine if they keep H’s role to a minimum, but so far that isn’t what’s happened. As for Johnny Ace, they’re bringing the guy on camera because he has MASSIVE heat with a lot of the audience after all these years of unpopular decisions. That’s a move I can understand, but I also would shudder to think that it could possibly turn into HHH .vs. Laurenitis for control of the company, whether Punk is a part of that storyline or not. As for Raw being mostly devoted to Punk .vs. Cena, this makes sense for a couple reasons. First of all, Punk / Cena is going to be a huge buyrate whether it works or not, and good for them for capitalizing on it. It’s been years since the wrestling public had this much interest in a rivalry. Second of all, it’s not like Raw has ANYTHING else going on right now that anyone in their right mind is the least bit interested in.


Foxxxy: Also does anyone see Punk taking over the role of Austin and HHH/Lauranitis to be the role of McMahon?

Blair: Given the success of the original McMahon / Austin story, and the fact that they got years out of it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try it again. They have to try to not make it the exact same though, and so far, the storyline premise that Punk is more or less questioning the entire direction of the company seems to be playing well. I’d stick with that, rather than just having the premise be “Triple H hates Punk”.


Jader: Do you deny that the Hardy’s had some great matches early in their WWE careers?

Blair: Of course not. Jeff Hardy has nearly killed himself multiple times for his fans. He’s provided some unforgettable moments. No one should ever take that away from him. It’s his present value that I was describing over the last couple weeks, not his past value.


Cynical Bastard: I agree that there’s a lot of ballast in the WWE right now, but I disagree with some of the names you chose. I’m curious for more detail on why you dislike:

Blair: I just want to say up front here that I really enjoy Cynical Bastard, and his questions. I really do. That said, my friend, you just picked like the easiest, softest, and most-alike targets on the WWE roster for me to offer my opinion on. I do appreciate you lobbing me such a slow pitch, so I hope you don’t take it personally when I take issue with just about everything you’re about to say.

2. Swagger- The man usually puts on decent matches. He’s a lousy promo, but give him a manager (pair him with Vickie after she’s done with Dolph?) and he’d be fine.

Blair: Swagger’s promo ability is as good as anyone else on your list, and I can’t name a single decent match that I’ve seen or heard of featuring Jack Swagger. At all. Ever. Vickie has done such great things for Dolph? What is Dolph doing these days? The exact same thing he was doing BEFORE Vickie got there? Great, I bet Swagger can’t wait to reap those kinds of benefits. I realize this joke gets old, but it’s also extremely accurate – Jack Swagger is WWE’s terrible attempt at replacing Kurt Angle. That’s it. Now let’s take a look at Swagger’s career progression. He did nothing, won MITB and no one cared, cashed in and won the belt and no one cared, did nothing some more, lost the belt, and this year he actually made it onto the WrestleMania card… as a valet. If he were released, would any amount of WWE fans go online and petition for his return? No. I’m supposed to buy into this guy? No thanks.

1. Sheamus- The man is a good promo (if you can’t tolerate his accent, that’s another story) and solid in the ring. I’ve seen some footage of his pre-WWE days, and he’s actually capable of a lot more in the ring than he currently displays. I assume he was told to scale back and stick to being a big bruiser, which he does well. I do think they shouldn’t have hot-shotted him to the title, but that’s hardly up to him.

Blair: I will say one thing for Shaemus – the guy has a unique look, which is something you can’t say about most main guys in WWE these days, and also something you can’t say about anyone else on your list. So Shaemus has that. And I can’t comment on what he CAN do that I can’t see – but the in-ring skills that he’s displayed in WWE are fucking poor, man. I place as much blame on Shaemus as I do on WWE for that, same as with anyone else, and same with the decision to give him the belt out of nowhere for no reason at all. Do you think casual wrestling fans even remember or KNOW that Shaemus ever had the WWE Title? I don’t think so. So let’s look at Shaemus’ career progression – worked in ECW, did nothing, moved to RAW, did nothing for a month until he won the belt out of nowhere, then he did nothing, lost the belt, lost to Triple H at WrestleMania that same year, then did nothing for an entire year to the point where he couldn’t even get ON the WrestleMania card. If he were released, would any amount of WWE fans go online and petition for his return? No. And I’m supposed to buy into this guy? Ha.

5. Wade Barret- You seem to have a serious hate-on for this guy, please explain. He’s still green, but I think he does well and seems to continue to improve as time goes on.

Blair: Oh, hey, I believe that the WWE is stronger than any one individual, wrestler or otherwise, that you could throw at it, so I don’t hate any of these people. But I see Wade Barrett the exact same way I see all those other guys in Nexus. Do you think he’s better than Heath Slater or that Otunga jerkoff? If so, what are you basing that on? Wade Barrett was the guy they picked to win NXT instead of Daniel Bryan. No one cared about any of those guys on NXT except for Bryan. They knew who the fans wanted to win, and said “you like Daniel Bryan? Too bad. Here’s some asshole you don’t care about.” People would have actually taken Bryan seriously against Cena, if they had carried on with the momentum that first attack had when Bryan was screaming at Cena. But Wade? He was never taken seriously as someone who could beat Cena. His finisher is the most laughable thing I’ve seen in a ring in a long time. I think I’d rather be pinned via The Worm than have to lay down for 3 seconds to that move. And, in case you’re not sick of this yet, or have failed to see a pattern, let’s take a look at Wade Barrett’s career progression. He won NXT (but not really), led Nexus while cutting some of the worst promos of the year, feuded with Cena and couldn’t beat him despite having 7 guys at his disposal, then lost Nexus to Punk, started another Nexus on SmackDown, has done nothing, but wait! He made it onto the WrestleMania card! As a wrestler and everything! His first one ever after being hot-shottted to the main-event scene! Aaaaand his faction lost to Snooki. If he were released, would any amount of WWE fans go online and petition for his return? No. I’m supposed to consider this guy as something besides a comedy act? Please.

3. Del Rio- I’m at a loss as to what it is you don’t like here. Charisma, great promos, and good matches.

Blair: I put the list in this order for a specific reason. Do you see a pattern yet? Del Rio is a Mexican version of evil foreigners, and he’s the same as Shaemus, and the same as Wade Barrett. He’s also the exact same as Drew McIntyre and Vladamir Kozlov. Why weren’t they on your list, by the way? Because they’re both the exact same as Del Rio, Shaemus and Barrett, too. And the career progression is the same too. Remember when Kozlov started? Vince saw him and said “HOLY SHIT HE’S HUGE!!! SIGN THAT MAN!!!”, and a month later he was main-eventing a PPV against Triple H. Then he was shotgunned down the card, same as what’s happened to Shaemus, Barrett, Swagger, same as what happened to McIntyre (only that happened quicker) and the same as what will happen to this Del Rio asshole. I really don’t understand how WWE fans haven’t developed a better sense of pattern recognition yet. That’s the big mystery to me, and that’s why this CM Punk thing has come out of the blue, because it’s SUCH a shift in the pattern that they’re used to going in. But it doesn’t help any of the guys on the list you’ve named.

I’m getting off topic here. Regarding Del Rio specifically, I think he’s also like Shaemus in the way you described about him being able to do more than what he’s shown in a WWE ring, but again, I’m not going to give the guy credit for something I can’t see. What good does that do me when I’m watching him in WWE? His outings in WWE have been nothing, although, he had some good matches against Mysterio, who is known for carrying guys to really good matches, and he had a good ladder match against Christian, who is known for having really good ladder matches. Career-progression time! He worked Mysterio and had some okay heat, but then he won the Royal Rumble and no one cared, then had a World Title match at WrestleMania against Edge that nobody liked. He won MITB and nobody cared again, because WWE haven’t figured out that no one cares. Like how they had Shaemus win King Of The Ring after he blew his chance at the top. Del Rio almost cashing in his MITB briefcase consisted of him getting knocked the fuck out in one kick by Punk, who had just been in a 40 minute match.  His catchphrase consists of him saying his own name. If he were released, would anyone get up in arms? I don’t think so. And I’m supposed to buy in to this guy? If he were in Mexican America, he would be inferior to Hernandez. So no.

If it’s any consolation though, Swayze will defend Del Rio. I don’t agree with him, and that’s the ONLY one of the guys on your list that he’ll defend, but, it’s better than nothing.

4. Miz- I feel he’s earned everything he’s gotten from WWE. I hated him when he started, but he’s gone from being garbage in the ring to good, if unremarkable. He excels when given the mic. He also earns bonus points for not being Cena, but that’s just me.

Blair: This is the one guy on this list that makes more sense than the others, and you are correct in one thing – Miz did earn everything he’s got. He stuck around for a while. He had to eat a lot of shit. And he’s a company man. What WWE likes about Miz is exactly what they like about John Cena. He’ll do anything they ask. Good on him for that. I get why they wanted him in a main-event position, because it’s the same reason they wanted Cena, Orton and Batista in that position. They saw Miz as a star. What I don’t get is why the fans all blew their load on the guy last year. Miz was a decent mid-card heel against Bryan, which I’ll get into later. I’m not going to give him shit for being a terrible wrestler, because it’s WWE, and his promos are okay, but to hear the internet talk you’d think he was the next Rock. And some people will even tell you he’s an awesome wrestler because of one match at the beginning of the year where Morrison flipped around killing himself trying to make Miz look good. Did anyone really go nuts when he won the belt? Did anyone really go nuts when he main-evented WrestleMania? I’m not telling anyone the answer, with these other guys I know the answer to questions like that, but with Miz, I’m not sure I do. So you guys give me your opinion. Did his title run really legitimize him? Do you really think he’s going to do all that well in the future? I dunno, I just never bought into him on that level, really at all.


sdmcc: to rephrase that question.. which WWE mid-carders would do well in TNA with a possible makeover.

Blair: OH! Okay, now I get it. Sorry about that. Being that WWE doesn’t have much if any of a mid-card right now though, that’s still a difficult question. I think Kofi would be able to do well, if TNA were able to somehow manage to not fuck up his entire career, which is unlikely, but the problem is that he can’t keep his name and his gimmick, which are both really working for him. That said, it’s not the smartest move for him, and I doubt Kofi would even want to go. Even if he’s undervalued, he’s still on the show all the time, has a massive fan base, and I assume is making a pretty penny in merchandise. You think he wants to abandon that to go main event at a bingo hall in an amusement park with Ken Anderson? Un-fucking-likely.


D.L. Butcher: My question this week is what if they actually did routine tournaments more to determine number one contenders on a regular basis would anyone out there care a little more about the product?

Blair: That depends on whether you’re talking about WWE or TNA. In the WWE, I think they’d balk at the concept, because they seem to think that people don’t want to watch wrestling. They seem to think that all people want to do is watch guys dance to their entrance music. Has that changed now? I don’t know. I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. Either way, they’ve done King Of The Ring in years recent, and that tournament itself has gotten over well I think, even though they quite often forget that it happened a couple months later. It’d probably come off better in TNA, at least until Gunner won it.


CB: Speaking of commenting, here are five (kind of) rapid-fire questions this week:

1. What the f*** happened to Randy Orton? I know he still gets huge pops, but I just am extremely bored with his character, which is something like URGH, ROAR, RKO these days.

Blair: The same thing that has happened to John Cena is slowly happening to Randy Orton. Orton’s character isn’t as embarrassing for aging fans as Cena’s character is, and Orton has been massively-over for a lot less time than Cena has. So it will happen more slowly with Orton, mark my words, but you can see it already starting to happen during his feud with Christian. John Cena is Superman, Randy Orton is Batman. They’re the superheroes of WWE, those are the two guys that matter, and that’s it – except for CM Punk, and that only just happened.

2. So I see you like Kofi Kingston enough to praise him a little bit. Think he’ll ever get to the top?

Blair: Kofi was in a very high-level feud with Orton a couple years back, and was getting over quite well. Then he didn’t sell an RKO properly, Randy got pissed, and then Kofi was losing to Shaemus and Swagger (and guys like them) for no reason, to no reaction, for what seemed like a long time. He seems to maybe be working his way back up now. I’m reading that he’s feuding with Del Rio – there’s no way that Kofi shouldn’t win that feud. No one cares about Del Rio.

3. Colt Cabana: Had a recent dark match at SmackDown! tapings. Can Colt be successful in WWE this time around and/or is this foreshadowing of a larger angle in the works for Punk?

Blair: I don’t have the same love affair that the IWC has with Colt Cabana. But compared to the majority of WWE workers, he’s a fucking rocket scientist. I personally would like to see Punk get Colt, Gallows, and the Kings Of Wrestling into a stable. If not, I imagine Colt is getting another try simply because Punk wants him to. Not that Colt doesn’t deserve it on his own – again, I think the guy is a bit over-rated, but also, you’re comparing him to your average WWE star.

4. Velvet Skye: I think she’s the one person in TNA working really hard every week to improve and I have bought into her storyline as the baby face character on a quest for her first title. M.C. and incognito actually disagree with me, which is funny cause I’m actually praising someone from impact. Your thoughts?

Blair: If Velvet has shown any improvement in the ring, I didn’t see it by the time I stopped watching Impact. But that doesn’t mean she’s not working hard to improve. I remember equating Velvet to Trish Stratus when she started – Trish had NO experience whatsoever, and just over time she managed to get much by sheer repetition and training from whoever it was that trained her. Trish is the exception though, not the rule. Velvet could work her ass off for years and still suck, that’s just the way it works sometimes. But, its’ the TNA Knockouts title, so your average Knockout’s ring ability is about as important as your average Knockout’s carpentry skills. Yeah, Velvet is over with the audience, I will give you that because 95% of people in TNA are not, for better or worse. So yeah, I guess she deserves the TNA Knockouts Title on that merit alone. It’s women’s wrestling though – who gives a tug?

5. Rey Mysterio: Still useful or is he now a “compiler” living off past credentials?

Blair: Rey Mysterio is absolutely still useful. He sells a ton of merch, kids love him, he can carry the shittiest of workers to a good outing, most of the matches he is in turn out to be one of the best matches on any show (again, it’s WWE) and the guy has a good attitude and is willing to put over people who are way worse than he is. His career has aged exactly as a wrestling career should – he had his moment at the top, which was surprising given his size. He doesn’t even need to get anywhere near either World Title again, and in fact I think giving it to him again would actually devalue the novelty of the first reign because it was portrayed as such a “who would have thought!” kind of thing. Is Rey’s CHARACTER getting stale? Of course it is – the guy has been in WWE for 10 years, and in WCW for 5 years before that, with the exact same gimmick – he’s a guy with a mask. Not a lot you can do with that after 15 years, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have value. (See also: Kane)


flamingwombat: Half black, half Samoans are white!? Who’s got racial issues here?

Blair: Uh… you? I don’t know. I don’t get your question. The Rock is not a black guy, a spanish guy, or an asian guy. That’s my point. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


flamingwombat: “No one ever blames Jarrett, or Laurenitis, or Triple H, or whatever.” This is a joke?

Blair: Weird questions this week. No, this is not a joke, although I will admit my wording does leave a bit to be desired. I was all set to type “I didn’t mean no one EVER blames Jarrett, or Laurenitis, or Triple H”, and then I realized that’s EXACTLY what I wrote. So accept my apology on that – no one blames these guys anywhere NEAR as much as Vince, Bischoff, or Russo gets blamed. That’s what I meant. Thanks for pointing that out – everyone needs to be called on their bullshit, me included.


limodriver: I think you’re vastly underrating The Miz. With Punk becoming a de facto face, and until Jericho comes back, he is now the most valuable heel in the entire company. He made people temporarily give a shit about Alex Riley, for crying out loud. Put him in a feud with anyone, and WWE fans will buy in. And based on the reaction he got when he limped back to the ring at MITB, when they decide to pull the switch on his face turn, he’s going to be huge. All he has to do is slap Michael Cole in the face one time, and he’ll instantly be more over than Randy Orton is right now. Sure he’s pretty limited in the ring, but as a face that’s not as big of a problem and he has shown from time to time a willingness to improve.

Blair: As I said above, I readily accept that The Miz is a BIT more valuable than Shaemus, Swagger, Del Rio, or Wade Barrett. But that doesn’t mean the guy is the most valuable anything, anywhere. People giving a shit about Alex Riley is no more strange or out of place than people giving a shit about The Miz. And I don’t think that WWE fans will buy in to him feuding with anyone, because they put him in a feud with CENA at Wrestle-fucking-Mania and Miz’s OWN COMPANY didn’t even think that WWE fans would buy in. Which is why they included The Rock. And don’t point out that most people cheered for Miz over Cena – people would chant for Stalin over Cena at this point. It means nothing.

You know who people gave a shit about last year? Daniel Bryan. The one time that The Miz was a decent heel was his feud with Daniel Bryan, and do you know what the reason for that was? The basis of that feud was that Miz said Bryan sucked, and that was ironic because The Miz himself really sucks a lot more than Bryan does, and everyone could see it. Not because Bryan was such an awesome baby face or because Miz was such an awesome heel, it was because The Miz sucked. That’s why the feud worked. Yeah, it worked – at least until the ending, because Bryan was forgotten about and Miz was the one who got shot to the top, because… well, no one knows why. Miz’s WWE TItle reign didn’t do anything for WWE.


Owangotang: Blair I respect your opinions but it seems that we could not possibly be more different in the ways we consume and critique wrestling. This is not meant as an attack but it seems that you are much more clinical and removed from the emotion of a wrestling show than I am, that perhaps your willing suspension of disbelief is not as willing. Again that is not an attack, at my age I sometimes have troubles resolving just how and why wrestling continues to “move” me. I don’t know.

Blair: Hey, just for the record, I’m not critiquing ANYONE who can enjoy WWE or TNA. Good for you if you do. I don’t, and what I’m divulging in my columns is just my own personal opinion. I’ve been witness to a lot of people having very aggressive reactions to some of my writing. I’ll say Jeff Jarrett sucks, and their retort will be basically “JARRETT DOESN’T SUCK!!! YOU SUCK!!! HE WRESTLES AND YOU JUST WRITE!!! WHO SUCKS NOW?!?!” So I’m glad you’re not taking this personally or anything.


Owangotang: The WWE has such an overwhelming edge concerning guys fans want to see that I almost don’t know how to comprehend your argument against this. Cena, Orton, and Punk, as you mentioned…but also Rock (hey he is headlining Wrestlemania, not even Hogan from TNA could do that today), Stone Cold, Undertaker, and even HHH and HBK. Yes, those last 5 I mentioned are not full timers but they pull more interest than ANY full timer on TNA’s roster and it’s not even close.

Blair: I don’t think you can compare Hogan against Rock just because Rock is still in good enough shape to work and Hogan isn’t – Hogan is also a lot older than The Rock. That’s like saying that Cena is better than Andre The Giant because Andre The Giant can’t main event ‘Mania anymore. Anyway, anyone who is on the show once or twice a year, I don’t consider as part of the roster because they’re not on regular shows. That’s all there is to it for me – so that means I don’t consider Stone Cold, Rock, Undertaker, or HBK as part of the roster. Triple H is back now, yes. But hey, just because I don’t consider them part of the WWE roster doesn’t mean I think that ANYONE on TNA is anywhere near the interest as the names you mentioned. That’s not what I’m saying. I just don’t think the names you mentioned can pull in any eyeballs on shows they’re not on. In my opinion, WWE has 3 guys that people want to see – and those guys are Cena, Orton, and Punk. Everyone else on the show is an afterthought right now.


Owangotang: You made the comment that “only wrestling fans would watch 88 minutes of pure shit for 3 minutes or entertainment”, however I think you’re missing the forest for the trees. Just watching WWE TV, specifically RAW (I have never cared much for Smackdown, probably because it’s canned), allows many of us the chance to just enjoy being in that world. I don’t want to call it the WWE Universe because that just sounds so lame and contrived but WWE really has done a great job at building it’s own little reality. When I went to MITB I did not feel like it was an ordinary event, I felt like I was going to another place…this place where employees can assault their bosses, where conflict resolution does not involve HR. Yes, there are times when that place loses it’s pull on me when it starts making up garbage like Katie Vick or Mae Young giving birth to a hand, however WWE always seems to not let the entirety of their created place get ruined.

Blair: You’re kind of all over the place here, but, it sounds like you enjoy the feel of a WWE show. You used MITB as an example because it felt like a place where employees can assault their bosses – which is fine, except that was only the one match on the card. But I acknowledged that MITB was a better show than any WWE have done in the past few years. And it sounds like you prefer RAW because it’s live, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because SmackDown is basically the exact same with Orton in place of Cena. RAW has one exciting thing going on right now. There’s literally NOTHING else going on during the show that I’m the least bit interested in watching, so no matter how nice the “world” feels, the problem for me is, I find way too much of the show unwatchable and actively avoid that world and look up whatever CM Punk did on YouTube as a result.


Owangotang: I cannot say that every week I watch every single second. An example of this is how I quickly jumped ahead on the DVR when Keith Stone appeared on my TV (I work second shift so I’m forced to DVR RAW). I would have similarly jumped ahead if Katie Vick reappeared, another guest host came out to blab on and on, or something similarly stupid came on.

I never count the minutes that I miss though. I don’t sit around lamenting the fact that 5 or 10 minutes out of the show sucked.

Blair: I haven’t watched a WWE or TNA show in years that had only 5 or 10 terrible minutes. I can’t imagine you mean this. Are you actually saying that 70 out of the 80 minutes of RAW are good or even passable?


Owangotang: I’ve tried giving TNA’s little crafted reality a chance and it even confused the shit out of me, a diehard wrestling fan who has come to terms with plot inconsistencies. I’m not saying WWE is perfect and I’m also not dismissing TNA as god-awful however there is such a disparity between their “universes” that the two are not truly comparable.

Blair: Oh, hey, in terms of plot consistency, common sense, production values and, well, consistency in general, WWE absolutely MURDERS TNA. Believe me, I get that. TNA can’t even book a single episode of Impact consistently, let alone it’s product in general. TNA can’t even figure out which backstage segments their wrestlers are aware of and which ones they aren’t. TNA can’t even figure out when the wrestlers can see the camera and when they can’t. You won’t see shit like that on WWE. But just because the production values are better and the show makes more sense, doesn’t make the WWE product ANY less boring. That’s all I’m saying.

This new CM Punk stuff has a good chance to work, and there’s even a chance they could do a bit of an overhaul of the show as a result. It won’t happen overnight or anything. I’m certainly pulling for it to work. But a month of good stuff and one good storyline does not a show make. Not for me. Fingers crossed for the future.


This has been “Interinactivity”. This is just a heads up to everyone, I’m taking a couple of months off, starting… now. I’m going to be doing some travelling as well as some pretty intense studying over the next little bit, so I need a break, and it will keep the articles from getting stale. I think when I come back I might recap one RAW and one Impact, just to see what’s going on first, then start back in with Interactivity.

Thanks again for reading, and have a good weekend, and enjoy the rest of your summer!