Update: Mike Myers and Austin Powers 4 Not A Done Deal Yet
by Scott "Kubryk" Sawitz on August 14, 2011

After Hit Fix reported that Michael Myers was ‘signed, sealed and delivered’ to Austin Powers 4, something Brendan Campbell posted here, Deadline Hollywood knocked down some doors for some more information. And it’s conflicting with what Hit Fix had reported as confirmed. According to Deadline, here’s the brass tacks on it:

1. New Line sent Myers’ reps a pro forma deal offer that gave a low upfront payday against a gross that would kick in after Warner Bros recouped its costs. It’s the same type that Cameron Diaz got for Bad Teacher and Jim Carrey for Mr. Popper’s Penguins.
2. He’s expressed interest but no deal is signed yet.
3. Two movie ideas for a fourth Austin Powers film have been speculated on but nothing is set. The first would be one from 2008, a “dad homage” idea, and the other would be to rekindle the agent for another escapade.

What does it mean? I like Hit Fox but Nikki Finke is THE BEST at what she does for a reason and while I doubt that Hit Fix would publish their story without an independent confirmation and say they did to get hits and publicity, Finke has her hands on the pulse of Hollywood better than anyone for a reason. There’s a couple ways this could be happening.

My best guess is that Myers, who has been seen in only Inglourious Basterds since The Love Guru nearly drove him out of acting, is trying to get the best deal possible and what he got for Goldmember, $20 million plus against a part of the film’s first dollar grosses, won’t be what he gets for this film in the new Hollywood pecking order. He doesn’t have a Shrek film to leverage against this, as well, so Myers coming back is going to require him to probably take a lot less money. It’s been 10 years since the first Powers film and the franchise has moved back from the forefront of pop culture.


Source: Deadline Hollywood

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