DC Comics Relaunch Reviews Wrap Up
by Grey Scherl on September 20, 2011

Over the course of this month the Comics Nexus staff is making it a point to read and review every single one of DC’s New 52 books for you, our readers. There are 52 books and a half dozen or so of us, but we hope that you’ll enjoy it. We’re fans, just like the rest of you, and we’re pretty excited. So check out our thoughts on the books that have come out so far, and get ready for even more tomorrow!


Week Two:

 Batman and Robin #1

Batwoman #1

Deathstroke #1

Demon Knights #1

Frankenstein: Agents of S.H.A.D.E. #1

Green Lantern #1

Grifter #1

Legion Lost #1

Mister Terrific #1

Red Lanterns #1

Resurrection Man #1

Suicide Squad #1

Superboy #1

Two Guys talk about Green Lantern, Red Lanterns, Mr. Terrific, and Resurrection Man


Week One:

Action Comics #1

Animal Man #1

Batgirl #1

Batwing #1

Detective Comics #1

Green Arrow #1

Hawk and Dove #1

Justice League #1

Justice League International #1

Men of War #1

O.M.A.C. #1

Static Shock #1

Stormwatch #1

Swamp Thing #1

Two Guys talk about Action Comics, JLI, Batgirl, Static Shock, and Stormwatch


So what about you guys? What are your thoughts on the New 52 so far? What books do you like, what don’t you like. Leave us some comments, send us some e-mails, let us know what you think.


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