NFL 2011 Week 2 Thoughts and Commentary: St. Louis Rams – 16, New York Giants – 28

St. Louis Rams – 16, New York Giants – 28


Rhett Davis: In a surprise to many, the Giants looked good in this game, and the Rams just didn’t.  With all of the injuries, the Rams did well enough, but not enough to stop Eli Manning who threw 2 TD’s, Jacobs who scored once, or Bradshaw who ran for 59 yards.  Sam Bradford also had a good game by throwing for 331 yards with 1 TD.


Grey Scherl: Let’s not beat around the bush here, the better team beat themselves here. This isn’t hometown bias, penalties and rookie mistakes (literally in the form of Salas) are what gave the game to the Giants. This isn’t to diminish the Giants in any way, but aside from a few key plays passing, Eli Manning put up under 200 yards with two TD’s and a pick, but the Giants running game was the most impressive part of the team. The running game is what gave Eli his opportunities, and the Rams struggled to stop it. Sam Bradford, on the other hand, had more yards than the Giants offense combined, despite not winning. The Rams running game was showing the effects of not having Steven Jackson, and while Cadillac Williams and Jerious Norwood did what they could…the Rams were held to under 60 yards rushing, and that’s including a really impressive run by Sam Bradford. Penalties beat the Rams, as did the two successful challenges by the Giants. There was also the matter of rookie receiver Greg Salas who fumbled a punt for a touchdown, as well as several dropped passes. I can’t help but feel that had Steven Jackson and Danny Amendola been healthy and active for this game, the end result would have been far different. As it stands, the Rams are coming back home to host Baltimore this coming weekend while the Giants will travel to Phillie. Both teams are still very much in must win situations. Oddly enough, and this could easily be personal bias, but 0 and 2 in the NFC West might not be a season breaker.



Daniels: Bradford is good, the Rams just don’t have enough talent……….and it’s still wildly possible they have enough to win that division with a couple breaks.  The jury’s still out on the Giants and they may catch a HUGE break if Vick and Young can’t play next week.


Glazer: Wow, that was a strange game.  Bradford alone had more yards than the entire Giants offense, it just seemed that whenever Bradford was in a third down, his receivers dropped their passes.  The pressure of New York or just pure bad luck?  That I don’t know, but the Rams sure seemed like they should have gotten a lot more than 16 points. They missed Stephen Jackson – Cadillac Williams is not the answer – but much more, they just need to catch the ball.  A few less penalties and a few more catches…

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