Sons of Anarchy Episode 4-5 Review: Brick
by The TV Obsessed on October 5, 2011

Clay is one of the most dangerous characters on the show and it’s evident in “Brick” how little one can trust him. First, we learn that Clay had JT killed, which leads to him poking into Tara’s business. Tara didn’t have much to do in the episode, but she’s in the crossfires, figuratively and possibly literally. At the same time, Clay is fit to send Bobby to lie to Otto about the fate of Luann’s killer. He needs to use the Asian businessmen to lure Hale into a trap, but lying to Otto again shows us how little Clay cares about telling the truth or other members.

Juice’s story is very problematic, stemming from the whole black thing. Kurt Sutter’s explanation puts things in greater perspective, but it still teeters on implausibility. That the Sons would kill Juice for being black doesn’t make sense. They may be racist–which we haven’t seen too much evidence of–and they might be killers, but kill a member for being black? From there, it gets worse, as Juice, in the process of taking a sample of coke, takes an entire brick and proceeds to sleep outside when a Mayan comes. The brick ends up buried and everyone knows it’s missing at the end of the episode. This develop is good, putting more strain on the club and its members, but the path the getting there hasn’t been on the same level.

Score: 8.6/10


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