Buffalo Bills vs New York Giants: NFL Week 6 Thoughts
by Pulse Glazer on October 18, 2011

Buffalo Bills 24 – NY Giants 27

A quick rundown, if you will, Rhett Davis: The Bills seemed to be tripping over their own feet in this game and the Giants looked strong.  Ahmad Bradshaw had a record day scoring 3 TDs and running for over 100 yards.  It appeared that the Bills were coming back to win the game, but they were shut down by the Giants defense.  Despite the loss Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson had big days with Fitz scoring 2 TDs and over 240 yards while Jackson had 120 yards and a TD as well.

Daniels is buying the Bills: The Giants’ defense is a crazy separation of powers.  The pass rush guys are unstoppable monsters.  The secondary can’t tackle.  On the other hand, if Victor Cruz can stop letting passes bounce off his hands, we’ll really have something here.  I’m all in on the Bills bandwagon the rest of this year, though.  Can’t hate the New York teams, especially when they actually play in NY.

My Take: If the Giants figure out their secondary and can stop shooting themselves in the foot, this is a scary football team.  I’m in no way an Eli Manning fan, but this is the best he’s ever played.  He’s actively poor in the red-zone, but figuring out to just use Bradshaw down there takes care of that weakness, and this is a team that sure looks likely to make the playoffs as they figure things out.  The Bills?  Well, people are jumping off the bandwagon, but they looked good against a good team on the road here.  These losses are going to happen, especially for a young team, but this team is far, far more complete than the Jets, and thanks to Jackson, should even be able to handle that NY team head-to-head.

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