Rabblecast #250 Bound for Glory Results/Fallout, WWE Network
by Erik Hernandez on October 19, 2011

TNA’s Bound for Glory has come and gone! Not to spoil things for anyone, but there was only one title change during the PPV. Not to be lost in the fanfare of TNA’s biggest PPV, Hulk Hogan(who was not in the Main Event, but did “wrestle” Sting) has managed to get himself front and center amid a bunch of controversy. Did Hulk Hogan influence another TNA wrestler’s match so that his had a bigger impact? WWE continues to push their burgeoning WWE Network. They have asked the WWE Universe to vote on more names for potential WWE programs. On tap so far… A reality show that follows the WWE Diva’s and their life on the road. Then there’s also the Surreal Life knock off that takes a bunch of WWE Legends and puts them together to live in one house. You can already see where this can go. All this and so much more to be packed into this week’s show. The Rabblecast, bringing you wrestling the way you want it!


On this week’s show:

  • WWE reveals how much they’ve spent helping Scott Hall
  • The “Road Dogg”, Jesse James returns to WWE, but not as a wrestler
  • Hulk Hogan draws a lot of heat from the TNA/Impact Wrestling locker room
  • WSU Wargames get a venue change


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