What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 26 (G.I. Joe Podcast)
by Chuck Emanuele on October 22, 2011

So when we asked Dan from ActionFigureTherapy.com to come on the show, we had no idea what were were in store for. The headman from one of the funniest sites on the internet is a tornado of excitement AND best of all, he’s a Joe fan; what more can you ask for? Learn more about how this site started, its future and its unique relationship with the servicemen of the world. In the news we rejoice over the latest subscription unveils of the GIJCC: Topside and Dice. We talk a little bit about JoeLanta, probably the biggest Joe show in the US next to JoeCon itself and kick around the future of Kwinn – yes folks, K-W-I-N-N, not Q-U-I-N-N. IDW dropped ARAH #171, of which we discuss at length in addition to #170 and the Sneak Peek storyline. Greg wraps up his softball campaign successfully for his team and Toys for Tots AND he has some big news on the home front. If you can make it past Chuck’s singing in the first 5 minutes, you can survive the entire episode.

Also, make sure you go back wand listen to the entire What’s on JOE Mind archive!

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