The Good Wife – Episode 3-6 Review – “Affairs of State”
by The TV Obsessed on October 31, 2011

While Eli is great as the funny, charming lawyer, it’s nice to see his serious side as well. It rounds out his character and gives him the depth often times hidden behind his hilarious outbursts. This side is in full display when his ex-wife, played by Parker Posey, wants to run for state senate. Her scenes bring up lots of old wounds when it’s revealed that she slept with a bin Laden relative while married to Eli–during their two happy years–and Alan Cummings rocks the scenes as expected

The whole diplomatic angle of the episode and the case at large didn’t work so well. There are references to the One China policy as appeasement to the Chinese government, but the episode doesn’t go much beyond that. Also, the case is hardly complicated and ends with the easy conclusion of the Taiwanese guy running around, for presumably being guilty, and caught at the airport. I didn’t like we got to see lots of Caitlin, though. Despite the initial way she arrived, she’s certainly not stupid

Will meets Zach in the office and it’s a little more than awkward. I’d reckon this is the most flustered we’ve ever seen Will. He’s fine in front of a courtroom when thousands or even millions of dollars are on the line, but when it comes to personal issues, he’s quite inadequate.

Score: 8.6/10


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