Syfy Films Acquires George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards Series
by Mike Noyes on November 1, 2011

With all the hype of writer George R.R. Martin’s Game of Throwns series, it seems another of his projects is being adapted, this time for the Silver Screen.

It was announced by Syfy Films that it has acquired the rights to Wild Cards, a sci-fi superhero anthology edited by George R.R. Martin. The ongoing anthology of 21 books (the 22nd coming next year) was first published in 1987 with each story written by a different author.

The world of Wild Cards began when an alien virus was unleashed on Earth. It affected humans in a few different ways: One was either given superpowers, horribly mutated, killed instantly or left alone. Original characters in the series include: Dr. Tachyon, an alien trying to help Earth deal with what’s happened to them; The Sleeper, a guy has a different look and different powers every time he wakes up; The Great and Powerful Turtle, a powerful telekenic who works from inside an armor covered VW bug; and Captain Tripps, a man who uses LSD type drugs to change his powers.

Melinda Snodgrass (Star Trek: The Next Generation) will write the script, though it has not been announced which stories will be the focus of what is sure to the first of many films.

Wild Cards presents a terrific franchise opportunity given the volume of material from this compelling fantasy series,” said Gregory Noveck, Syfy Films’ Senior Vice President of Production. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to develop a film based on the anthology’s supernatural heroes, and to be working with such talented and visionary writers as George R.R. Martin and Melissa Snodgrass.”

Wild Cards, one of the most successful and longest running sci-fi book series was developed with the goal of creating a realistic world wherein the focus is more on how people with super powers are affected in their daily lives. Each novel features several different authors allowing many thoughts and view points to add to the overall universe.

Along with Martin and Snodgrass, other authors involved in the series over the yeas include: Roger Zelazny (The Chronicles of Amber) and Walter Jon Williams (Hardwired) as well as Cherie Priest (Boneshaker), Paul Cornell (Doctor Who), David Anthony Durham (Acacia) and Carrie Vaughn (The Kitty Norville series). The books have been translated into several languages and have been adapted into comic books and role-playing games.


Source: SuperheroHype

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