Two New Clips Of The Sitter Show Why Jonah Hill Does Not Have Mad Babysitting Skills
by Travis Leamons on November 14, 2011

Years from now we’ll probably look back on this time as the “Robin Williams Years” for Jonah Hill. He is a comedian at heart, but has toyed with the idea of drama, playing bookish in Moneyball and the disapproving son of Marissa Tomei’s mom in Cyrus. Next spring he’ll be headlining the action-comedy 21 Jump Street, based on the hit ’80s series, with Channing Tatum (watch the red band trailer). While he’s taken a stride into more dramatic fare with “Cyrus” and “Moneyball,” make no mistake, Jonah Hill isn’t leaving the funny stuff behind. But we’ll next see him The Sitter where, for one night, shows the misadventures in babysitting.

David Gordon Green, who has gone from George Washington and All the Real Girls to Pineapple Express and Your Highness, directs Jonah Hill as a college student who agrees to babysit the kids next door. Nighttime shenanigans ensue. Joining Hill is Where the Wild Things Are‘s Max Records; J.B. Smoove and Sam Rockwell as drug dealers tracking down Hill after he loses their cocaine; and Ari Graynor as the girlfriend. The trailer that’s been playing is moderately amusing and these two clips from MTV expand on two moments found in the trailer.

Watch the clips and then decide if you want to hire The Sitter on December 9th.

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