The Rager – Survivor Series and R-Truth Suspension

Welcome, my dearest and stickiest of friends, to The Rager. Lets just get down to what you’ve all come here for, aye?

We begin with the highly anticipated Survivor Series and I have but a few thoughts on the matter:

The Johnny Ace open just killed any sense of excitement before any had a chance to build but I guess if they wanted to establish his terrible sense of self-importance then I guess that’s a win for them but please excuse me if refrain from celebrating in the streets and gleefully (singing like a high school outcast) throwing about dead rodents, in the classical tradition, naturally.
I’m still not sure about the reasoning behind putting Morrison in the US Championship match. I mean, I can understand them milking Ryder having his shot or whatever but why put in a guy that’s been completely buried over the past month? At least put in a guy that’s gonna have some sort of draw power in the match.
Moving onto the traditional Survivor Series match, I don’t have that much of a problem with the fact that it seems like the teams were put together on a whim and out of nowhere. My issue kinda comes with the fact that Barrett got the captain slot instead of Cody Rhodes, you know, the guy that’s had a fairly extended rivalry with Randy Orton as of late. Also, I don’t understand having Ziggles doing double duty for Christian instead of just picking another heel on the roster, its not like they’re in short supply. I mean, Hunico was in the team so its not like they were reaching high in the selections.
(Side note, I know this is late but the complete lack of any response Hunico got a couple weeks ago on Smackdown was utterly hilarious…I mean, they didn’t even bother to add in audience sounds in post)
I don’t have too much to say about the Heavyweight championship match other than it was ridiculously slow and I was done with it about 2 seconds after the bell rang.
Punk vs. Del Rio was easily match of the night. I don’t know what it is but I do love when these two get in the ring against each other and, as I called it, the long reign of CM Punk begins here and I dug the celebration complete with a Michelle Beadle hair tossle before going up the ramp (she’s the only reason to watch Sportsnation, check your local listings, you’re welcome).
The only good thing I can say about the final match is that The Rock looked really impressive considering he’s been away for 7 years and pushing 40, other than that, it felt like a usual tag team match that really didn’t mean anything. And afterwards, yes, I realize that they wanted to do something to set up their Wrestlemania match even further but their whole somewhat-silent promo just felt awkward and overall lame. I’m sorry I don’t have a better description of what I felt it was but nothing else seems to fit just right.

Moving on the events at the end of Raw and the day following, R-Truth is suspended, huh? Many suspect that Truth was supposedly the other superstar that was smoking up the spice with Evan Bourne and caused many to cry double-standard after Bourne was the only one to initially get the punishment. Now we see why this other superstar wasn’t punished off the bat and its because it would’ve thrown a wrench on The Rocks Survivor Series plans. My opinion on this is probably the same as many others where I would’ve just told Truth “too bad” and suspended him right along with Bourne and thrown another heel to job to Rock, plain and simple. If one could take away anything Punk said in his rant back in June, let it be that anyone can be replaced and I get that its a harsh truth but its truth nonetheless, pardon the pun.

Well that does it for me this week, be sure to add your own thoughts in the comments below. Sorry about my absence last week, there were some technical mishaps followed by a ridiculously busy week at both of my jobs but please accept my humble offering of this particular Rager, still friends?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice

The Answer: “The D stands for my wiener”
(Anyone not named Joel Leonard that gets where that’s from automatically gets a million awesome points from me and possibly becomes my new best friend)

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