What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 33 (G.I. Joe Podcast)
by Chuck Emanuele on December 9, 2011

What do you do when one Chuck isn’t enough? You add another, that’s what ya do! Chuck from the very popular podcast, StarJoes joins us as a guest to double your Chuck power for the week. StarJoes Chuck gives an impressive performance. WOJM Chuck, just throws in the “rag.” From the mailbag we ready Monte’s letter concerning theigh cuts and other items to make it easier to customize. Hear the reactions from the live Tweet as man-cards were retracted then later reissued. In the news, wave 3 just got here and it looks like wave 4 is nipping at its heels. A date for COIL Con III is revealed. The club debuts some more detail on the FSS figures and cardart, while Justin and Gary give their thoughts on the behavior of the fandom towards the club. IDW crowns a new Cobra Commander – ample spoilers are given, you have been warned. Ellen Tigh is still the 13th Cylon; sorry its a 5 year old show, spoiler limitations do not apply. If you need more Joe on TV, The Hub is now showing season 2 of the Joe toon. Lastly the crew wraps it up by discussing the Joe-molded Jurassic Park figures that were originally destined for TRU, but are showing up in various Asian markets. Greg was moody so we ended it short so he could get some sleep. Shhh, don’t laugh too loud, you’ll wake him.

Also, make sure you go back wand listen to the entire What’s on JOE Mind archive!

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