IDW’s Chris Ryall Teaser Pic Exposes Major Terrorist Fangs Of Hasbro’s New Cobra Commander!

UPDATED: Check out G.I. Joe artist Robert Atkins words of wisdom on the latest G.I. Joe podcast!

Looks like the last month of the 9-part Cobra Command arc in March with the issue #11’s of the 3 new continuity G.I. Joe series (G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes & Cobra) will feature interlocking covers. This will likely be their “Cover A’s” with the cover B’s likely already revealed and the third RI (Retailor Incentive) covers yet to be revealed.

Here’s what IDW head honcho Chris Ryall had to say about the pic:

Our next big G.I. JOE storyline just kicked off: the multi-title “Cobra Command,” stretching across G.I. JOE, SNAKE EYES, and COBRA. What you’re looking at here is Kelsey Shannon‘s amazing CC #11 covers from all three titles composed into one image.

Looks like the first part on the left will likely be the Chuck Dixon written G.I. Joe #11 cover, the middle with Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow over the head of the new Cobra Commander will be the Chuck Dixon penned Snake Eyes #11 cover, leaving the the hard right and its Cobra forces for the Mike Costa written Cobra #11 cover. We’ll have to wait until March 2012 to be sure.

From last week’s G.I. Joe #9, Cobra Command – Part One, the new Cobra Commander has international-level BIG plans that could throw the world’s geopolitics into even more chaos than it is in the “real world”. So far, Cobra Command is starting with a bang. A fitting start after the well-recieved high-octane Cobra Civil War arc that led to it.

2012 looks promising for enthralling IDW reading!

Now, can someone tell me when Hasbro’s new Cobra Commander figure will be released? They should strike while the iron is hot with their G.I. Joe toys! 😉

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Source: Chris Ryall's blog: "RyallTime"