IDW’s Cobra Annual 2012 Reveals That Hasbro’s New Cobra Commander Is Of Asian Descent?
by John Babos on January 10, 2012

Some interesting previews pages on the internet reveal a bit from tomorrow’s IDW’s Cobra Annual 2012. This issue focuses on the background of the newly minted Cobra Commander and appears to reveal that he is of Asian descent. Check out the two interior pics below in addition to the final reveal of Cover A (first pic on the left).

Now, if in fact this turns out to be background of the new Cobra Commander, I will be pleased. THE major villain in an iconic toy and comic book franchise not being another Caucasion would be great. Now, some folks may complain that this typecasts a person of Asian background as a villainous, but I think as along as he continues to be portrayed as a master strategist, as he has been so far in the Cobra Command arc, and not a super martial artist, I think this is a good thing and a great move towards greater diversity of the G.I. Joe franchise.

In addition, to Cobra Annual 2012 #1 don’t forget that Snake Eyes #9 ships tomorrow as well with part 2 of “Cobra Command“ arc. :)

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