Update on the Planned Chris Benoit Movie Crossface

Below is an update on the planned Chris Benoit movie Crossface from the Jan 9 Observer Newsletter:

The website worstpreviews.com interviewed Sarah Coulter, who is the writer of the movie “Crossface,” a planned movie about Chris Benoit which is an adaptation of Matthew Randazzo’s “Ring of Hell” on the wrestling industry. She said, “There are a lot of unknowns about that weekend, which is why so many people have tried to fill in the blanks with conspiracy theories. Chris Benoit was behind the murders, but we still wanted to touch on several of those theories. Eddie (Guerrero) is obviously very important to the story. Triple H, Kurt Angle, they’re all there, but it’s early and things can change.”

Regarding Benoit, she said, “Chris had a remarkable career. You take a look at his time in Japan and with Stu Hart and you realize that you’d need more than one movie to tell the entire Chris Benoit story. Ultimately’s it’s about the 2007 murders/suicide so we had to pick and choose the right moments in Chris’ career that may have been factors in his downfall.” A source close to the project told us they are finishing the second draft of the script and in talks with various actors. A lot of people in and out of wrestling have contacted the people doing the movie looking to get involved.

CB’s Slant: I really wonder if the wrestling world and wrestling fans will ever be ready to see a movie about Chris Benoit since we all know how this story ends.

At the same time, I think this is an equally riveting and gut-wrenching story worth telling if the idea is to bring certain issues to light that will at least try to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Source: The Wrestling Observer