WWE Champion CM Punk Working with WWE on Career-Spanning Three-Disc DVD Set

WWE champion CM Punk announced that WWE will release a three-disc DVD set spanning both his career and his life outside the ring:

“My three-disc DVD has been green-lit and I get to tell my story,” Punk commented on the “Art of Wrestling” podcast with Colt Cabana. He expanded on the project by saying:

“It’s the old documentary slash life story slash follow-me-around-with-a-camera. I get to pick a bunch of matches to put on there and who I want to be interviewed. I was told I’m in charge. I’ve already made a lot of people angry with a lot of decisions I’ve already made. They told me what they wanted and I went and watched a couple of them (other WWE DVDs), then I immediately sent this ridiculously-long email about what I wanted.”

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Source: PW Torch