Marvel Reads: Spider-Man coming to Ipad announced today:

You’ve read his amazing adventures in comic books and seen his spectacular stunts on the big and small screens. Now, get ready to experience Spider-Man like never before on the all-new storybook app, Spider-Man: An Origin Story, now available for your iPad or iPhone. As the first release in the new Marvel Reads storybook app line, Spider-Man: An Origin Story combines classic storytelling with state-of-the-art interactive features for only $3.99!

Designed to appeal to Spidey fans of all ages, Spider-Man: An Origin Story retells the now classic story of how Peter Parker transformed from a shy teenager to the super hero everyone knows and loves today. The app integrates brand-new illustrations with immersive music and sound effects to bring to life Spider-Man’s world and fan-favorite characters like Flash Thompson, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben. There’s also a series of mini-games that allows you to step into Spidey’s boots and overcome challenges that only Spider-Man can!

Last, and most certainly not least, the story is narrated by none other than one of Spider-Man’s creators, Stan “The Man” Lee! With the Spider-Man: An Origin Story app, you can experience the webhead’s first adventure with the aid of one of Marvel’s leading storytellers describing every web sling and Spidey sense tingle that our hero experiences!
Swing into adventure and excitement by purchasing Spider-Man: An Origin Story for only $3.99 on iTunes today! And stay tuned to for updates on future releases in the Marvel Reads line.


Skitch Commentary: In my New Comics Release list, I was just complaining that Marvel and DC need to do more to get superheroes into younger readers hands. I think this project is an incredible idea. Much more excited about this than Year One. My daughter is really into superheroes, and is just starting to get the hang of reading. Marvel Reads would be ideal for her….

BUT….WHAT ABOUT ANDROID USERS? Marvel Reads is a great idea and I am looking forward to seeing what characters and stories appear next, but I definitely want them to have Android support! I guess for now, I can just download them onto the ol’ laptop off Itunes, but it’s not the same as me and my five year old curling up on the couch and watching and listening to it on my ANDROID tablet. Hook me up here, Marvel!!

And Stan Lee reading this is just a great bonus!