Morgan Freeman Joins Tom Cruise In Oblivion
by Travis Leamons on February 9, 2012

Morgan Freeman is the latest name to be added to the cast list of Oblivion, the Joseph Kosinski-directed film for Universal Pictures. He joins star Tom Cruise, and Hitman‘s Olga Kurylenko. In the film, Cruise plays the last man on a post-apocalyptic and nearly uninhabitable Earth, who stays behind to repair ships that hunt down and blast a virulent alien species.

Freeman’s role is described as being a “critical part” to the story, according to Deadline.

The Pulse: With Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3) rewriting the script, this could help Oblivion from being just another flash in the pan post-apocalyptic tale to a story that has colorful characters. Morgan Freeman, who previously appeared in the Universal Pictures’ releases Wanted, Bruce Almighty (and its spin-off Evan Almighty), will next be seen in The Dark Knight Rises reprising his role as Lucius Fox.

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Source: Deadline

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