Rasslin’ Roundtable — TNA Against All Odds

Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus
Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

M.C. Brown: This could be a placeholder feud to justify them wrestling again, but Morgan and Crimson could easily feud with Crimson being mad over a tag team loss tainting his record. Crimson turns before or after. New Champs. That feud has more potential than a singles Joe vs. Magnus and that’s what would happen if they lose since they lose steam.
Winners(and new champions): Samoa Joe and Magnus

Adam Mason: Magnus and Samoa Joe have a lot of chemistry together. I have to admit I still don’t see the big deal about Joe, I’ve been more impressed by Magnus lately. Crimson and Matt Morgan could dissolve into focusing on their singles careers and not skip a beat. I see Magnus and Joe being completely on the same page while Crimson and Morgan may suffer from some dissention. They’ll lose the titles.
Winners: Magnus and Samoa Joe

Steven Gepp: Well, something’s inspired Joe to put some effort into his matches, and I’ve liked Magnus from the word go, so this is a team I can get behind. I think Russo was going for his staple “wacky tag team partners who don’t get along” (TM Scott Keith), but they actually have some cool chemistry together and are actually working as a good unit. That and the fact I almost think Crimson and Morgan won the titles just to lose them and break up in order to feud, not as a long-term partnership or anything, means, well, nothing, really. This is TNA, after all.
Genesis song soundtrack: “The Return of the Giant Hogweed” (1971)
Winner: (and new champions) Magnus Joe

A.J. Styles vs. Kazarian

M.C. Brown: Originally had Kaz pegged to win, but then I thought that maybe next week after losing, Daniels berates Kaz until Styles tries to make the save and then a further beat down. So for that to happen, AJ wins.
Winner: AJ Styles

Adam Mason: AJ and Daniels had a very good match that was marred by a bad finish. AJ lost that match and there is no way he wins here either. Daniels won’t reveal the influence he has on Kaz, not yet anyways. That has to come before AJ can prevail. Kaz will win, likely through some dirty deeds done by Daniels.
Winner: Kazarian

Steven Gepp: If they’re given some time, then I think this match might be a show-stealer. However, there are several “buts”: First, Daniels obvious interference; second, Kazarian’s apparent reluctance, being spurred on by apparent blackmail; third; this is TNA. So I expect to see a Cliff’s Notes version of a match between these two in eight minutes, and a not clean ending.
Genesis song soundtrack: “Throwing It All Away” (1986)
Winner: Kazarian

Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley
TNA X Division Championship

M.C. Brown: While this seems like the time for Shelley to win and take the title, I still don’t think all the titles are changing hands this evening.
Winner: Austin Aries

Adam Mason: This is the match I most want to see. A Double is not going to lose, not yet anyways. Alex Shelley just a few weeks ago rejoined the singles ranks, his chase of the X Division title has only begun. Shelley even pinned Aries with the Sliced Bread this past Thursday, so I see Aries winning with the brainbuster. Long live the wizard cape!
Winner: Austin Aries

Steven Gepp: This will be match of the night and should be one of the contenders for match of the year. Having said that, it’s their first outing together, so maybe they’ll keep this one toned down, ready for the inevitable money match later on when they’ll pull out all stops. This is only the start of things between these two, and I expect Shelley to get the title at Destination-X (I know that’s June, but I’m going to give them some long-term booking credit here).
Genesis song soundtrack: “Turn It On Again” (1980)
Winner: (still champ) Austin Aries

Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara
TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

M.C. Brown: Tara with the big non-title win basically sets up that Gail should win, even if Madison’s interference backfires.
Winner: Gail Kim

Adam Mason: This should be a very good contest as both women can “go”. I really do not have a good sense yet of how TNA wants the Knockout division to progress so this is more of a gut feeling.
Winner: Gail Kim

Steven Gepp: Not sure about this. These two women can certainly wrestle, but all women’s wrestling on TV is so watered down that I think backstage orders will hamper what should be a good match up. I mean, this will be better than anything the WWE’s given us for the past 6 months, but still won’t be as good as what I see at RCW every month. Which is a shame.
Genesis song soundtrack: “Where The Sour Turns To Sweet” (1969)
Winner: Gail Kim

Jesse Sorensen vs. Zema Ion
Number one contender for the TNA X Division Championship

M.C. Brown: I can’t see them doing Sorensen vs. A-Double again and if Zema wins he can feud with either A-Double or Alex Shelley, if I’m wrong there.
Winner: Zema Ion

Adam Mason: I have yet to see Sorensen in action but I’ve done my homework. Sorenson has had some chances at Aries in recent months. Zema Ion, meanwhile, reminds me of John Hennigan with his athleticism and body type. Ion has not had much success lately and I think that continues here.
Winner: Jesse Sorensen

Steven Gepp: Hopefully this won’t be the source of the latest botchmania release on YouTube. These two can certainly go, but they seem to just get a little sloppy at times in the ring, and with no one else in there to rein in such proclivities, this could be interesting for all the wrong reasons.
Genesis song soundtrack: “Blood On The Rooftops” (1976)
Winner: Jesse Sorensen (because I see Aries retaining)

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy Four Way
TNA World Heavyweight Championship with Sting as special enforcer

M.C. Brown: Not sure if this is Roode’s time to lose, but I can’t see Jeff winning this way, either. Same with Storm. So I see either Roode or Bully stealing a win from each other or on each other. Bully could win and then Roode get it right back, but I think if Roode is to be continued to be built up, he stays champion.
Winner: Bobby Roode

Adam Mason: I loathe Jeff Hardy; setting that aside I don’t think TNA is willing to, or should, take a big chance on Hardy again…at least not yet. That’s good news for me. James Storm has literally had Sting on his side as of late but I just don’t see TNA swinging the World Heavyweight Title his way right now. That leaves Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Bully Ray has been a real badass as of late. Bobby Roode has been doing strong work as the champ and even got an admiring tweet sent his way from the Rock. Roode retains here…AGAINST ALL ODDS!
Winner: Bobby Roode

Steven Gepp: Look, I know Bully Ray has been impressive in his heel role, and Jeff Hardy is the returning, all-conquering hero, but, really, neither of these two deserve to be in this match. I think Storm-Roode would have been a great match on its own, and they should have let Hardy-Ray have a #1 contender’s match, and then they could have relegated Gunner/Garrett to Impact or the pre-game show, where it belongs.
Genesis song soundtrack: “There Must Be Some Other Way” (1997)
Winner: (still champ) Roode

Gunner vs. Garett Bischoff

M.C. Brown: Garett being pushed to the moon. He was already “crippled” by Gunner. Possibly Hogan save to preserve the win. They traded annoying pushes from Gunner to Garett.
Winner: Garett Bischoff

Adam Mason: Eric Bischoff is in Gunner’s corner and Hulk Hogan is in Garrett’s corner. Something smells like shenanigans here but I cannot figure it out. Hogan just became “good” again, I don’t see Eric and Garrett resolving their differences, and Gunner is just Gunner. I think Garrett will win because TNA really wants to launch him strongly however swerves and shenanigans would not surprise me at all.
Winner: Garrett Bischoff

Steven Gepp: Let’s look at this positively – Hogan’s not wrestling. Now let’s look at this realistically – Gunner and Garrett are. And your first contender for worst match of the year…
Genesis song soundtrack: “I Can’t Dance” (1991)
Winner: Not the audience… oh, okay, Gunner, because Hogan turns on him because everything that happened with Sting last year means nothing… brutha!

Closing Statements

M.C. Brown: Not sure how predictable tonight’s PPV will be. See my column for latest thoughts, but there should be some good action and if TNA doesn’t overbook this and let the wrestlers tell the stories they need to, that predictable or not, there are numerous potential show stealers on this card and some definite solid match ups to look forward to.

Adam Mason: I won’t be able to view the PPV but I really, really wish I could. I’ve been strictly a WWE guy since about ’99 and here I am legitimately excited for a TNA PPV. Only took 3 weeks too! Against All Odds has 6 of 7 matches (Gunner/Garrett is weak) that I am interested in. Hogan has been rambling like he has dementia lately but he just may be right about TNA heading for greatness. This show could be one small step on that path. Smell ya later!

Steven Gepp: On paper, this could be good. I said I was giving Genesis the make-or-break treatment, and, well, I’m back for another go-round. But this is month-by-month now. You see, at the moment, the WWE has storylines that I am finding compelling (CM Punk’s reign, Daniel Bryan’s heel turn) while TNA is only drawing me in by match quality. And WWE is catching them there as well. Their fascination with WWE cast-offs is annoying, while their own talent (I won’t say home-grown, because let’s face it, the indies are where they’re all grown nowadays) has languished. The card of this PPV is showing the way. Of the 18 competitors, only 5 have been in the WWE, and one of them (Kim) went to the ‘E from TNA, then came back. However, 2 of those 5 are in the main event. This, however, is a good sign for TNA. I just wish they would stop trying to be WCWv2.0 or WWE-lite and start trying to be TNA. Then maybe we would see what they are really capable of.

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