The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28 Spills Over Onto Twitter … Again

The WrestleMania 28 match between John Cena and The Rock has spilled over onto Twitter … again. Of course, jumped on this story and also covered the various reactions from the fans as well:

Who owned who, just about 50 days till WrestleMania XXVIII? You be the judge.

@JohnCena: Saw rock’s video. Especially liked the quote “when I left WWE…” Something u will never hear me say. WM28 I WILL NOT LOSE! #teamfilmit

@JohnCena: Just finished the advertised main event in OKC. Sorry match didn’t make RAW..but sometimes..ya just gotta be there. Dwayne u know what im…

@JohnCena: Actually…sorry. wrong guy. See you soon movie star.

@JohnCena: – Yesterday @ Wichita Falls Athletic Club. 638 pound deadlift. Ready to whoop on #teamfilmit

@TheRock: @JohnCena Settle down cowgirl. Your lemon panties are getting bunched up in your lady parts. #HustleLoyaltyVagisil

@JohnCena: Once again outclassed by #thefakeone man it would be a shame if Dwayne got beat by a guy with a mangina. Hey hollywood what u doin april 9?

@TheRock: @JohnCena @WWE #RAW 2/27. Portland, OR. The night The Rock slaps the feminine napkin out of John Cena. #UWhiningBitch

@JohnCena: How he used to be in WWE and once went to Wichita, and how good it was…u know before he left…and the whatever came back…only to say

@JohnCena: He was home and never leaving….only to leave again. Bring your boots movie star. Ill see u april 1st. Meanwhile ill do my job…

@JohnCena: One that I would never leave. The one I love. The one u left. #everyotherdaybesideswrestlemaina

@JohnCena: In Wichita today. Maybe my buddy Dwayne from #Teamfilmit will be here…probably not. But maybe ill be lucky enuff to get a message about

@TheRock: @WWE Saw the Cena video. You’re a good man John – you’ll be even better when you take your Wrestlemania ass kickin like a man. #TeamBringIt

@JohnCena: Lotta static bout Dwayne’s absence in Topeka. No need to worry. He will be there April 1…then we settle it

@SimonNicolHD: Pretty interesting the fact that we haven’t seen John Cena tonight will he attack Rock on the set of Jay Leno LMFAO !!! @WWE #Raw

@TFis_94: That line about the Rock leaving wwe, was an absolute classic by Cena! @WWE #Raw

@H36_Chris: Heh. Twitter war with Cena and Rock… Dammit! Don’t make me choose sides! #RAW #WM28

@Evil_Mr_McMahon: So @JohnCena has more Facebook fans than the @TheRock yet Rock has more twitter followers than Cena. Which is more important???!!!! #Raw

@Dre_The_Beast: Cena owning the Rock on Twitter!! #RAW @WWE

@KevinEck_WWE: Gotta give that round to Cena. Great line about Rock leaving WWE. #wwe #raw

@cvarano84: @wwe wow rock is winning #cena #raw

@itsME_DJon: This is going to be one of the best WrestleMania’s yet!!!! Rock v. Cena, Undertaker v. HHH (maybe), hopefully Punk v. Jericho! #WWE #RAW

@Barca8091: Not a Cena fan at all. But still…. Not sure who to go for at Wrestlemania. John Cena or The Rock? #WWE #Raw

@theisb: Michael Cole just referred to the Rock and John Cena’s “Twitter War.” Is this what he means when he says he was a war correspondent? #Raw

CB’s Slant: Between the video packages airing across all WWE TV programs to the war of words that continues in the social media realm, I get what WWE is trying to do here (I really do). However, while they are trying to keep this feud alive in the consciousness of the WWE Universe, it’s really hard for any of this to really resonate since The Rock is nothing more than an absentee figure on Raw right now. Also, with Cena currently embroiled in a all-too-cheesy and way-too-dragged out feud with Kane that is supposed to serve as filler before The Rock comes back to WWE TV, I just feel a severe disconnect between Point A (the here and now on Raw) and Point B (WrestleMania 28) that makes me even more disengaged with The Rock and John Cena at the moment. They can talk and tweet all they want, but until Rocky is back live on Raw and Cena is done with Kane, I simply don’t care.

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