A Recovered Alberto Del Rio Says He Doesn’t Like Most WWE Wrestlers and Reveals Real-Life Backstage Hatred of The Miz

In a recent radio interview with radio station 95.7 FM “The Game”, Alberto Del Rio talked about recovering from his groin injury and revealed his real-life hatred of The Miz.

When asked if he disliked anyone in WWE, Del Rio said, “The Miz. I hate The Miz … This is not part of the show. I really dislike that guy. I’ve tried to punch him in the face several times, not in the ring, but outside the ring. He’s like a little girl, he’s always running away from me.”

When asked to elaborate, Del Rio replied, “I’m a real athlete. He’s just a loud, stupid little kid. He was one of those guys who was probably bullied when he was in school and that’s why now he’s loud and wants to get attention. But, I’m the real deal.”

In the interview, Del Rio also said he doesn’t like hanging out with other wrestlers, exclaiming, “To be honest, I don’t like most of the guys.”

Meanwhile, Del Rio also commented on his groin injury, saying he’s finally recovered. Del Rio explained the severity of his injury: “I completely tore my groin, so you know, that’s painful … They re-attached the muscle from my leg to my hip.”

Lastly, Del Rio also touts his MMA background and even says that he gets the urge to shoot on other wrestlers in the ring before reminding himself he’s there for “entertainment” and “to put on a show.”

CB’s Slant: Those are pretty strong words from Del Rio that certainly won’t do him any favors in WWE circles. At the same time, I applaud his honesty and it would be awesome to see more of the real Del Rio in the ring and on the microphone than the watered down / filtered version we seem to be getting when he’s on WWE TV.

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Source: PW Torch