Sweet Home Alabama – Episode 3-4 Review – “Welcome To Miami”

When I chatted with Paige Duke on Friday about the upcoming episode of Sweet Home Alabama she said there would be drama at elimination. And there certainly was! The episode threw me for a loop more than once, so let’s talk about it!

Bright lights, big city

Paige had four dates with city guys this week, all taking place in Miami. And the dates were…well, they were different.

First up was Christian, and I liked his date the best of the four. He was the only guy who didn’t seem like he was trying too hard, and therefore the only guy who seemed like he was really being himself. He introduced Paige to his culture by teaching her to play dominoes, sitting down for some Cuban cuisine and checking out a cigar shop. The date seemed like it went quickly, and it only ended with a little peck of a kiss, but I still thought it seemed like they had a nice time.

Next Paige went out with Jeremy. Jeremy definitely seemed like he was trying too hard with the fancy boat, and just the way he acts. He’s not really sleazy, he just has the air of a big nerd who’s come into money and doesn’t know how else to impress a pretty girl. I was surprised that Paige seemed to have a great time with him, that wasn’t what I expected.

Speaking of trying too hard, Todd picked Paige up in a fancy (rented!) car, and they drove around for a while. It actually seemed like they were having a really good conversation, but the date itself left a bad taste in my mouth. A fancy car? Trying on diamonds and expensive jewelry? How is that a date? Todd seems funny, and he had a nice conversation with Paige, but it seems like he’s trying to overcompensate for something.

Finally, it was the date we were all waiting four: Shaun. Shaun was planning to take Paige out on a boat so he could dump her – not throw her off the boat, just break up with her. He’s not that cruel. He was planning on spending a week in Miami before going home to New York. Instead, he changed his mind and I’m not sure what to think. On the one hand, if Shaun didn’t genuinely want to return to Alabama and keep getting to know Paige, then why would he admit he was about to end things? Yet, everything he said sounded so false. He also loves rescued pit bulls and wants to open an animal shelter? Oh my, what a coincidence! That’s only something you could figure out about  Paige via a quick Google search in the hotel lobby. Am I really supposed to believe this guy had a big change of heart?

Paige certainly had a change of heart when it came to Shaun, though. Going into the date, she said she wanted to talk to him and see “if I really can’t stand him as much as I think I do.” And as they talked, and Shaun smugly discussed how he doesn’t really like the South, Paige said “I honestly thought I was going to push him off the boat. I did not like him.” But the gal likes her dogs, and that was his in – by the end of the date, they were kissing.

Aw, shoot!

The country guys were pretty sure that Paige would eliminate a couple guys in Miami, so they were pretty bummed when all four men returned. It didn’t help that the city guys were eager to gloat about their fun dates – Jeremy was the biggest jerk, telling them Paige had said their date was the most fun she’d had yet. Really? Keep it to yourself, buddy. That’s a sign of an insecure guy. The country guys were just as insecure and jealous, ragging on Todd about his rented car, but Jeremiah did have a point – of all the dates, Christian’s was the only one that was authentic.

The next day, Paige took all the country guys out shooting, and we were hit with another twist. Austin (who was cute, but didn’t get much screen time) had to leave since he’d landed a job with the fire department in Mobile. Paige handled the news with class, and it was pretty refreshing to see someone on a reality TV show make a practical decision. The last time that happened was Alli on The Bachelor, and if you’ll remember she later quit the very job she’d left the show for so she could star as The Bachelorette and talk about how guilty she felt for choosing work over “love”. Sometimes the bills have gots ta get paid, yo!

I know Paige likes shooting and everything, but I hope soon some of the country guys will get to go on some more glamorous dates. It’s unfair to let the city guys have all the flash and glitz. But then I guess Jeremiah would have to brush his teeth if they were going on a date somewhere other than a combine.

Elimination Drama

Paige showed up for elimination knowing she had to send two guys home. First she said goodbye to Christian. I liked Christian, but I guess they didn’t have a ton of chemistry on their date. Still, I liked him better than some other guys. *coughbigshauncough*

Next Paige spoke with Landon, who she was obviously planning on sending home. But she wanted to talk with him first, because she felt that he hadn’t seemed himself when they went shooting the day before. I like Landon, but he definitely seems like the possessive, overprotective, jealous type. I think Paige sees Landon as protective and sweet, but she’s not sure anything more is there. Landon told Paige that he hated seeing her with some of these guys, particularly Jeremy. Apparently Jeremy had been bragging about having Skype-sex with his ex-girlfriend. Klassy!

Obviously, Paige was mad. If Jeremy was bragging about his ex only a day after he had a romantic date with her, then that’s not cool. It’s sleazy, it calls his character into question, and it makes her look bad. So Paige sent Landon back to the porch with the other guys and had Boyd bring Jeremy down to talk to her. Jeremy was surprised, and he said Landon didn’t know what he was talking about, but he didn’t exactly deny it either. He was pissed, too.

And that’s pretty much where the episode cut off. This Friday we’ll see Jeremy confront Landon about what was said, and we’ll see how the other guys react. I understand why Paige eliminated Jeremy, and I probably would have made the same decision. But I also think Landon could be the kind of guy to overreact or exaggerate something.What do you guys think? Who should Paige have eliminated? Do you buy what Big Shaun is selling? Tell me in the comments!