The Big Bang Theory – Episode 5-17 Review – “We’re All Mad Here”

The Big Bang Theory delivered another great episode on Thursday night by focusing on two inherently funny things: Amy’s intense love for Penny, and the fact that most nerds suck at sports.

Art Imitates Life

Let’s talk about the gals first. Penny was faced with an unfortunately dilemma when Amy presented her with a $3000, 12 square foot portrait of the two of them. It was hideous – Penny kinda looked like a man in it, and also it was just hideous. But what to do? She didn’t want to hurt Amy’s feelings, so instead Penny tried to only have it hung on the wall when Amy was over.

Of course, that didn’t last long. Amy comes over a lot. And when Amy realized Penny hated the gift, she had to face what she’s really always known: that she likes Penny a whole lot more than Penny likes her. Lopsided relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic, are tricky things. We’ve always known this about Amy and Penny, but it was kind of heartbreaking to see Amy finally realize the truth. So Penny did the only logical thing: she lied. She lied and told Amy the reason she didn’t want the painting was because it made Bernadette jealous and sad.

Basketball Blues

Meanwhile, the main storyline saw Sheldon and Kripke battling each other for the empty office of a retired nutty professor. At first the storyline felt like same old, same old, but when Leonard suggested the two settle their dispute with sports, it took the show to a whole new level of funny.

The physical comedy here was brilliant. I mean, it takes a lot of skill to be that terrible at basketball. The guys certainly couldn’t play one-on-one, and they couldn’t even manage to make a free throw. Leonard eventually had to resort to choosing a winner based on who could bounce the ball highest. Sheldon won – but it wasn’t much of a victory.

The office turned out to be the university equivalent of hell. It’s likely what drove its previous occupant mad. The temperature is controlled by a woman in menopause, the wind chimes and birds outside aren’t in tune and there’s a mysterious hole in the wall. A hole he gets his head stuck in (scientific curiosity!) and, naturally, Leonard takes a photo with his iPhone and leaves him there rather than going for help. Who wouldn’t?

Overall, the episode was light and funny and perfectly enjoyable. Did you guys like it? And, check out my favorite quotes and moments below:

  • Raj’s eBay ordered Harry Potter wand, which was really just a stick from a kid’s backyard – but a limited edition stick!
  • “Before I met you, I was a mousey wallflower. But look at me now. I’m like some kind of downtown-hipster-party girl with a posse, a boyfriend and a new lace bra that hooks in the front of all things.” – Amy
  • Penny: “It’s kind of heavy.”
    Bernadette: “Too bad you’re not as strong as the dude in the painting.”
  • Amy: “Goodnight, Painting Penny. Goodnight, Real Penny.”
    Penny: “Goodnight, Real Amy.”
    Amy: “You don’t have to say goodnight to Painting Amy, because she’s never leaving.”
    Bernadette: “Goodnight, Real Penny. Goodnight, Transvestite Penny.”