10 Thoughts On… Survivor: One World – Episode 2 Review

1. The legend of Colton begins. I had high hopes for Colton before the season started. An underrated player who isn’t afraid to make big moves. Plus he is a student of the game. When he started to annoy the women by refusing to move away from their camp, I thought he was digging his own grave. Then, it what seemed like just a few seconds he used the hidden idol that Sabrina had given him to build an entire alliance of five. While I don’t credit him for putting the misfits together (even a blind person could see that the four strong guys were a voting bloc), I do credit him for swallowing his pride and making the only move he could.

2. I loved the immunity challenge. It’s such a simple premise to use other tribemembers to cross a balance beam but the hilarity that it provides cannot be understated.

3. I am surprised that more people aren’t talking about how the women are making themselves look feeble on purpose. It could be part of their strategy to make the guys think that they are weak and then surprise them in future immunity challenges. Do not count the women out.

4. Kat got a pretty bad edit this week. Based on the edit itself, there is no way she can win this game. She nice and fun to look at but if you compare her to Sophie from last season, we didn’t see any moments of weakness from Sophie who eventually went on to win the game. The only time that happened was Chris in Vanuatu but his story arc was one of eventual redemption (after he completely screwed up in that opening challenge).

5. While many of the women think that they are the leader and Sabrina was voted as the one in charge, it is so obvious to me that Kim is the one in charge. She only speaks when she has to and when she does, it is almost always poignant. Sorry Colton, this is Kim’s World. Did you see how she handled the touchy Colton situation? It was flawless.

6. Another Russell Hantz reference on a season that he has nothing to do with? Everyone knows I love Boston Rob, but there is no one who has had a more profound influence on the game.

7. No matter what the alliance was, Nina was always going first. Props to Nina for a great final tribal council. #suckstobeold

8. Good to see some of Bill’s personality when he was reading the reward challenge clue.

9. Also nice to see Matt take a step back from how strongly he came across in the first episode. With that being said, it is clear that the Golden Boy is in Colton’s crosshairs and for the moment, Colton is the most powerful man (as ironic as that is).

10. This was a great episode!

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