Raising Hope – Episode 2-15 Review – “Occupied”
by Jill Mader on March 8, 2012

Not even Katy Perry in a red wig and fake mustache could save last night’s episode of Raising Hope for me. It just wasn’t my favorite.

It wasn’t the attempted commentary on the Occupy movement that bothered me – although I wish someone had pointed out the irony of Sabrina, who we now know is rich, organizing the whole thing. That might have been a better direction to go in, rather than what actually happened…which felt like a whole lot of nothing.

Virginia wanted Hope to grow up knowing she can be anything she wants, so she supports the town mayor – a woman who happens to be a drunken emotional mess. Virginia helps her out of a scrape and ends up becoming even more powerful, calling in favors like getting playground equipment in the even-poorer-people park and having a stop sign installed in front of the house so Burt can spread good cheer.

As the lone remaining Occupy Natesville protester, Sabrina was arrested and ended up in prison – the guard, played by Katy Perry, had been in Scouts with Sabrina and was holding a grudge about their long gone friendship. Katy Perry had proved on How I Met Your Mother and Saturday Night Live that she’s funny and up for anything, and I didn’t think it was her fault that this storyline didn’t work. The material just wasn’t good, and the jokes didn’t land.

I hear Raising Hope isn’t doing so well in the ratings, which disappoints me. There are episodes like this one, that try to achieve something and don’t quite succeed. But it’s still a lovely, silly show, and I’d love to see it back for another season.


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