Up All Night – Episode 1-20 Review – “Family Drama”
by Jill Mader on March 23, 2012

Last night’s episode of Up All Night featured guest spots from Sharon Osbourne and Henry Winkler as Ava’s funky Jewish dad.

The Reagan and Chris storyline was hilarious – Chris appeared on Ava to give legal advice when the lawyer they booked bailed, and he totally bombed. But loyal wife Reagan was determined to give him a second chance…and he was great! So great that Ava wanted to dump her regular guy and replace him with Chris.

Working together meant spending a little too much time together for Reagan’s taste. He was everywhere – even the ladies’ room. So Ava lied to him and told him their regular guy needed the job for health insurance for MS.

Of course, Reagan had to spill the truth in bed that night. I think my favorite part of the whole episode was that Chris was mad that Reagan told the harsh truth when white lies would have been better. He was feeling good about stepping aside for a guy with MS! Chris knew better than to return the favor, though.

Meanwhile, Ava had a hard time finding time to bond with her dad when he brought his new girlfriend and her two kids along for the visit. So Reagan talked to him, and he realized he’d been ignoring his daughter.

The storylines were good, but they were resolved more swiftly than I expected, so it seemed kind of abrupt. Not a bad episode, but the timing was weird. What did you guys think?


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