The Voice – Results Review – Team Adam vs. Team Cee Lo
by Jill Mader on April 11, 2012

Ready to talk aboutThe Voice results show? We’ve got four finalists from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo now, so click through to hear my thoughts on what happened and then head to the comments to share yours!

We began with Team Adam. Mathai, Tony Lucca and Pip were advanced by America’s votes. Next we found out that Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers and James Massone were put through on Team Cee Lo. I was pretty happy with these results – I have three favorites (Mathai, Juliet and Jamar) and they were all saved.

Performances – Team Adam

Kim Yarbough singing “Spotlight”: This Jennifer Hudson song was a better fit for Kim’s voice than the Adele song was, but it’s not a very *exciting* song. I hate to say this, but Kim is a cruise ship singer. I don’t think she has the range or power required to really knock it out of the park on the kinds of songs she sings.

Karla Davis singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me”: Karla just isn’t for me. Her voice is very, very soft and kind of puts me to sleep. This song was a MUCH better fit for her voice than “Airplanes”, but it was still a forgettable, dull performance.

Katrina Parker singing “Don’t Speak”: Another song choice that was better than the original – these performances made me curious what the other three singers would have done had they not been voted through. This was still a somewhat lackluster performance, but of the three I thought it was best.

So of the three, I would have put through Katrina – but I don’t think she has the vocal power to stay in the competition much longer. Adam had a great team last year, but this season I think he has one of the weakest. The coaches all said they’d go with Katrina, and that’s who Adam put through.

Performances – Team Cee Lo

Tony Vincent singing “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”: Hmph. Another song choice I don’t love. Tony has a strong, theatrical voice and sometimes people with that kind of talent have a hard time breaking into other genres. The arrangement of the song was kind of weird, and overall it just didn’t really do it for me.

Cheesa singing “All By Myself”: Wow, ambitious. I was hoping Cheesa would really bring it on this song, and in the end she did. Cheesa does sort of a growling thing with her voice that I think takes away from the big notes, but overall I thought it was OK.

Erin Martin singing “Your Song”: Really? This song choice was surprising, especially considering the Egyptian spectacle the night before. And…it was brutal. Did Erin hit one note? Mathai can do the cutesy, growly, jazzy thing. This just sounded like a cat being strangled.

Of these performances, I couldn’t decide if I’d put through Cheesa or Tony. I like Tony’s previous performances the best, but I thought Cheesa probably sang best this time. Honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed with any of them and I was surprised Adam was so passionately enraged that they all only just brought it. I didn’t think it was that good at all! The three other coaches all said they’d choose Cheesa to go through, and that’s who Cee Lo selected. I think I was a little disappointed that Tony didn’t make it through, but based on his performances this week I’m not surprised.

So now we’re down to the final sixteen! I’m liking the look of Team Christina right now, but Blake and Cee Lo have some great talents too. As for Adam, well, I don’t think he’ll be grabbing back-to-back wins.


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