The Culling News & Spoiler: Next Ravagers Series Lead Makes New 52 Debut (Legion Lost / Teen Titans)
by John Babos on April 16, 2012

THE NEWS: Following the news of a series called Ravagers as part of DC Comics’ New 52 “Second Wave” of replacement titles, many fans were wondering who was on that cover and when would they debut.

First off, according to writer Howard Mackie, the cast on the Ian Churchill pencilled cover are as follows (top to bottom):

    The alienish brute is a new character called Ridge

    The woman with the blue and blonde hair appears to be Lightning (while Mackie didn’t identify which one she was, through the process of elimination and how her powers are portrayed on the cover, its a safe she’s Lightning and not Thunder)

    The woman at the center is Terra (the cover seems to make her a brunette, but she’s blonde)

    The black haired guy with the glowing hole in his chest would be Thunder (the brother of Lightning)

    The orange feral looking beast boy would be, um, Beast Boy

    The red haired woman at the bottom center is Wildstorm’s Gen 13 alumni Fairchild

THE SPOILER’ISH NEWS: Well, Fairchild made her New 52 debut very early on in the pages of Superboy last Fall. Beast Boy and Terra both debuted this past week in a The Culling Prelude over in the pages of Superboy #8.

However, Legion Lost #8, another prelude title to The Culling, also included the debut of a future Ravagers team member, namely: Ridge. So, that leaves Thunder and Lightning yet to debut. Could they show up in the last The Culling prelude later this month (April 25 to be exact) in the pages of Teen Titans #8?

Over on the right is Ridge’s debut in the pages of Legion Lost #8.

I’m eagerly anticipating next month’s The Culling.

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