WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 04.30.2012 – Triple H Returns to Raw, Extreme Rules Fallout
by CB on April 30, 2012

WWE has advertised the return of Triple H to go along with the expected Extreme Rules PPV fallout that will be a huge part of tonight’s live episode of Monday Night Raw. Below are the details:

–From WWE.com: “At Extreme Rules, Raw and SmackDown GM John Laurinaitis had a mysterious phone conversation with Triple H. The GM promised to reveal the nature of their conversation when The Game comes to Raw SuperShow tonight. What will the two have to say?”

–Last night at Extreme Rules, CM Punk prevailed over Chris Jericho in a Chicago Street Fight to retain his WWE Championship and score a personally satisfying win in front of family members Jericho had been disparaging for weeks. Who will be Punk’s next challenger for the WWE Championship and what will Chris Jericho have to say now that Punk silenced him last night?

–Last week on Raw, Brock Lesnar made some heavy contract demands that John Laurinaitis agreed to uphold. However, now that John Cena overcame the odds and pinned Lesnar last night at Extreme Rules, will Johnny still honor those demands? Also, what will the returning COOHHH have to say about this agreement that has let Lesnar run roughshod on every referee and announcer in Brock’s path?

–Speaking of Brock, how angry will he be following his loss at Extreme Rules? Yes, he beat John Cena so bad that Cena will be taking time off, but will that be enough of a consolation prize to satiate Lesnar’s killer instincts?

–Layla El returned to the WWE last night at Extreme Rules and recaptured the Divas Championship in a pin-fall victory over Brie Bella. Nikki Bella was the actual champion, but after the Bellas switched via Twin Magic, Layla landed a neckbreaker over Brie that gave her the title win. What will be next for Layla now that she is back? And, more importantly, WHO will be next?

–In other Extreme Rules news relating to Raw, Randy Orton beat Kane, Brodus Clay beat Dolph Ziggler, and Santino Marella beat The Miz (on the preshow). Does any of this matter going into tonight? Find out live on Raw!

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