Veep – Episode 1-2 Review – “Fro-Yo Fiasco”

HBO has already renewed Veep for a second season, and I’m glad. The show is funny, and I liked the second episode just as much as the first. I’m not sure this is a series that I’ll blog about regularly, but I’ll definitely be watching.

This episode saw Selina’s day spiraling out of control, then briefly improve when she got news that the President was experiencing heart trouble during his visit to South Africa. There was a small window where she was important, and she loved it.

But then it just turned out to be heartburn, and before you knew it she was experiencing diarrhea at a frozen yogHurt shop. It pretty much can’t get worse than that.

I thought Julia Louis-Dreyfus was downright hilarious in this episode, and I’m still liking the supporting characters as well. I like all the brick walls Selina keeps hitting in trying to accomplish her two pretty worthwhile goals – filibuster reform and a green jobs act, and I don’t think the comedic well has dried there yet.

Favorite line of the night: “I just won’t be photographed eating a hot dog or any other phallic food.” Sounds like Selina learned a lesson during her failed presidential campaign.