Game of Thrones Episode 2-5 Review – Honor Roll

Is it just me, or was last night’s episode of Game of Thrones kind of boring? Maybe it’s because Sunday was TV overload with all the usual shows and a three hour Survivor season finale, but I just wasn’t drawn in by “A Man Without Honor”. I’m still waiting for something big to happen.


It can’t be easy to wake up to find both your lover and your hostages gone, but it was rather delightful to watch skanky Theon face that situation.

At the end of the episode, Theon revealed two tiny burned bodies to the people of Winterfell – likely neighboring kids, a stunt meant to intimidate the people.

North of the Wall

As disgusted as Theon was to discover his lover was no longer by his side, I think Jon Snow was even more upset to wake up next to a woman. I’m loving Gwen the Downton Abbey maid as a sassy wildling. She’s, er, brash, isn’t she? I’m glad she’s around, because without her the Jon Snow storyline is painfully dull.


I’ve heard from some of the blog readers who are GoT book readers that Arya and Tywin aren’t supposed to be interacting, but as someone who’s only a TV show watcher (I do read other books, I promise) I LOVE their scenes together. Arya’s a proud girl – too smart for her own good, as many have told her – and she can’t help but reveal that she’s much smarter than the daughter of a mason would be.

As much as I hate Cersei, when Arya said “Most girls are idiots” I thought his comparison of Arya to his daughter was fair. They’re both sharp ladies, only one is evil and one is amazing.

Arya and Tywin are engaged in a dance – Tywin is trying to figure out Arya’s true heritage, and she’s doing her best to cover it up. When she intentionally said her mother had taught her to speak “proper – properly”, it was a calculated move and Tywin saw through it. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

King’s Landing

Sansa thanked Hound for saving her from the rapists, which she’s suffering from nightmares of. Sansa has grown up in so many ways since we met her, and now there’s another – she’s gotten her first period, which makes her officially a woman and able to bear Joffrey’s children.

Cersei warned Sansa that Joffrey will never be loyal to her, but that Sansa will have their children to love. She did slip up though, mentioning how Jaime stayed by her side during labor.


Daeny is reeling after the theft of her dragons, and somewhat stupidly rejects help from Xaro in finding them. I mean, he’s rich and likes her – wouldn’t you have accepted his assistance? The again, with a family like hers it’s no wonder Daeny trusts no one.

When Ser Jorah heard about the theft he returned to Quarth – frankly, I’d forgotten he’d left – and Daney confided in him about her problems. She has no subjects, no dragons, no power.

Later Daeny begs the Thirteen to get her dragons back, and before you knew it the scary warlock guy had killed everyone. He admitted to taking Daeny’s dragons, and he’s in an alliance with Xaro who has now declared himself king. It looks as though Xaro and Warlock dude stole the dragons to try and convince Daeny to join their side – the dragons won’t live without her, and presumably they want to use the dragons so they need Daeny. Things are slowly but surely getting more interesting in this story arc.

I continue to be rather disinterested in what goes on in the actual war. Robb flirts with the hot nurse, Jaime kills his cousin but doesn’t escape. Jaime doesn’t care if he dies, and Catelyn wants him dead, but as far as she knows he’s still her best chance at getting her daughters back. So alive he stays, for now.