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Uck… I go to do a quick review of Episode 017, and it turns out it’s a flipping clip show! I could have done a quick recap of that last week, and tied it into the Super Summer Sizzler. FRAG!

There is little to nothing in this episode of note, so I’m unsure what to do here. I’m going to plow through, and then see. Maybe I’ll add episode 018 or something. I really don’t know.

And a quick shout out to the Queen of Disco, Donna Summer. Once again, there is always a tie-in back to ECW, as she is the woman who sings the song, Hot Stuff, which is, of course, the entrance music for one ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert.

ECW Television – Episode 017

Taped: Various
Broadcast: August 10, 1993
Taping Location: ECW Production Studios in Paoli, Pennsylvania
Announcing Team: Jay Sulli & Eddie Gilbert


  • Tod Gordon announces several matches for Ultra Clash I.
  • Eddie Gilbert and The Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith and Glen Osborne
  • Tod Gordon announces that the Japanese promotion W*ING is coming to ECW for both the August television tapings and Ultra Clash I.
  • From Super Summer Sizzler: Jimmy Snuka defeated Tommy Cairo to retain the television championship.


Segment #1

Eddie Gilbert and Jay Sulli are in the (rented) ECW Production Studios. Sulli talks about the confusion between Hot Stuff International and The Dangerous Alliance, before moving on to two videos from previous weeks:

Segment #2

Eddie Gilbert and Jay Sulli talk about some hot button issues in Hot Stuff International. They bring up the feud between Gilbert and the Dark Patriot in Global Championship Wrestling. Apparently, it was Paul E. Dangerously who brought in the Dark Patriot, against the wishes of Eddie Gilbert. But Eddie is going along with it for the betterment of the ‘family’. Additionally, Gilbert brings up that he brought in the latest addition to Hot Stuff International:
Shane Douglas

And now we’re back to clips:

Segment #3

Jay Sulli the main event has been announced for Ultra Clash I, where it will be Texas Tornado Tag Team – Bunkhouse Match (A bunkhouse match is a match where you can wear what you want to the ring, bring any thing you want to fight with; A texas tornado match is a tag match where all participants can fight without tagging) between Eddie Gilbert and his tag team partner Abdullah the Butcher versus Terry Funk and his tag team partner, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen.

Clips of matches from the Hunter Q. Robbins III storyline:

  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Suicide Blondes vs Glen Osborne & Tommy Cairo from ECW Television Episode 010 where the Super Destroyers officially fire Robbins and turn face.
  • Clips from the Sal Bellomo vs Chris Candido match (I believe) that was not shown on ECW Television: Long story short, the Blondes start ganging up on Bellomo giving him the victory, when Tony Stetson comes down to join in on the attack. The Super Destroyers come into the ring to make the save. Stevie Wonderful comes down to help Hunter Q. Robbins, but gets attacked from behind, and signals his face turn. 1 And this is also when the Destroyers attack and “break” the arm of Chris Candido.
  • ECW Tag Team Championship Match: Suicide Blondes vs The Super Destroyers
    from ECW Television Episode 011.

Segment #4

Eddie comes back to talk more with Jay Sulli, and gives him a gift of a “King” Eddie Gilbert T-Shirt. Sulli and Gilbert talk about the big main event on Ultra Clash I. Eddie gets all hyped up.


Segment #5

Sulli and Gilbert talk about the issue that happened between the Rockin’ Rebel and Miss Peaches as well as the upcoming Battle of the Sexes Battle Royale between Peaches, Tigra, Angel, Robbins, Freddie Gilbert, and Sensational Sherri. 2


  • Sandman w/ Miss Peaches vs Ivan Koloff which was not shown on ECW Television. During the match, Rockin’ Rebel comes down and throws an unknown black substance into the face of Miss Peaches and Sandman gets pinned by Koloff. The announcers claim that it’s ink, but who is able to find 8 ounces of ink at a moment’s notice. Looks more like Grape soda. All of the face wrestlers come down to help Peaches.
  • Clip from the Press Conference which is from the same shots that were shown in Episode 015 and 016, but this has new information. Due to his actions, the Rockin’ Rebel is suspended from ECW for 90 days.

Segment #6

Jay Sulli and Eddie Gilbert talk about the upcoming match against Terry Funk at Ultra Clash I. As Jay introduces the clip of the match between Gilbert and Funk from the Sizzler, Eddie threatens to call his own momma to help with the situation.


  • Texas Chain Match Massacre: Terry Funk vs Eddie Gilbert from Super Summer Sizzler Spectacular.
  • Clip of the Press Conference where Tod Gordon announces that fines have been issued for Eddie Gilbert, Paul E. Dangerously, and Freddie Gilbert.

Segment #7

Ultra Clash I Rundown:

  • Texas Tornado Bunkhouse Tag Team Match: Terry Funk & Stan Hansen vs Eddie Gilbert & Abdullah the Butcher
  • Battle of the Sexes Battle Royal: Hunter Q. Robbins, Freddie Gilbert, Peaches, Tigra, Angel, and Sensational Sherri
  • Skywalkers Scaffold Match: Dark Patriot vs JT Smith
  • Pennsylvania Championship Match: Tommy Cairo vs Tony Stetson
  • 10,000 Golden Challenge Match: The Sandman vs Shane Douglas – if the Sandman pins Shane Douglas, he wins 10,000 3

Eddie comes back and they announce that next week we finally can see new matches from the television tapings, including the tag team title tournament.


Historic Significance

  • Rockin’ Rebel has been suspended for 90 days.
  • Three new matches signed for Ultra Clash I: Sandman vs Douglas, Cairo vs Stetson, Funk & Hansen vs Gilbert & Addullah.


None on screen


ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco Since 04/03/1993
ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka Since 03/13/1993
ECW Tag Team Champions –vacated– Since 07/27/1993
ECW Pennsylvania Champion Tommy Cairo Since 05/14/1993

Rockin’ Rebel

Let’s try to complete some of the TWA/ECW old guard, as there are going to be several new wrestlers showing up in the ECW arena in the upcoming weeks.

Unlike most of the original ECW talent, the Rockin’ Rebel, real name Chuck Williams, has fleshed out a nice independent wrestling career, having made his debut in 1988 after being trained by the legendary tag team, the Rock N’ Roll Express.

In 1990 he debuted in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance defeating former WCW Jobber “Jumping” Joey Maggs, and even became the 1st TWA Champion on July 21st, 1990, but it was immediately held up. His major feuds in TWA were with Tony Stetson, DC Drake, and The Sandman.

Rockin’ Rebel rejoined ECW in October of 1993 teaming with the Metal Maniac to face the Hell Riders. He would remain a mainstay for the next two years. A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, he seems to have remained in the general region, working with local independent federations. He never made it to the big two wrestling companies, other than as a jobber in the WWF during his early career.

From what I’ve seen, the Rebel has a nice 1980s ‘high flying’ style like that of his trainers Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson but that style did not translate well to the flashier, luchadore inspired high flying and hardcore attitude of the 1990s. But he would go on to wrestle in ROH, CZW, 3PW and several other local federations.


After all of my pain and suffering of the two previous weeks, I get a flipping clip show! Good lord. Why did I sign on for this project. Ahhh, it’s a labor of love, I know. Anyway, I think next week we FINALLY get some new matches and new angles. Please. Pretty Please. Pretty please with sugar on top!!!!!!

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