Jim Ross Blog: JR Talks NXT Rebranding, Andre the Giant’s Birthday, Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk at Tonight’s WWE Over The Limit PPV
by CB on May 20, 2012

Below are excerpts from Jim Ross’ weekend blog post discussing the rebranding of NXT at Full Sail University, Andre the Giant’s birthday and thoughts on two matches scheduled for tonight’s WWE Over the Limit PPV – Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship and John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis:

Jim Ross on NXT’s rebranding: “The rebranding of NXT at Full Sail University on Thursday night was exciting. It’s great to be provided the opportunity to help with any new, WWE venture especially one that will help facilitate young talents the opportunity to move to the main WWE roster perhaps a little faster…

…NXT has not replaced FCW on TV as FCW will continue to tape its shows as it has been doing for quite some time. FCW actually tapes their next grouping of TV shows next Thursday at the FCW Arena in Tampa, as usual…

…Yours truly broadcast all four programs working with William Regal, Bryon Saxton and Chris Russo in various incarnations.

Several young talents stood out Thursday night but arguably the best match of the night was Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty that was recorded early in the evening. This match was outstanding in my view and was one of the best bouts that I’ve seen on any WWE TV show in the past several weeks…

One of the most ignorant Tweets that I received this week @JRsBBQ was from a person wanting to know how I felt about being ‘demoted’ with being assigned to help with the new, NXT. I look at contributing to NXT as an extremely positive thing and when one says that they are a team player, one either is, 100%, or they aren’t at all.

As I’ve said many times, WWE’s future is tied directly to the development of new stars and new stars begin to form their foundation in the talent development program, IE FCW, and continues on the new, NXT.”

Jim Ross on John Cena vs. Big Johnny at WWE Over the Limit: “‘Over the Limit’ features WWE’s top antagonist, John Laurinaitis, versus WWE’s top fan favorite, John Cena, in what I expect to be a match chocked full of surprises. How can it not be loaded with twists and turns? Laurinaitis, a former star in Japan and outstanding flag bearer for the Sheepherders aka Bushwhackers, is cornered with his job on the line. Obviously, it doesn’t take the class Valedictorian to figure out that ‘Big Johnny’ needs a few cards up his sleeve because to think that ‘Big Johnny’ can actually beat Cena one on one is a violation of my own, personal wellness/sanity test.”

Jim Ross on Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk at WWE Over the Limit: “Even though I feel, and with some bias, that the Undertaker-HHH HIAC bout at WM28 is the best match of the year thus far, I fully expect CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title at ‘Over the Limit’ to rival the aforementioned WrestleMania classic.

Punk and Daniel have traveled many miles, figuratively together, and now finally get the opportunity on a WWE PPV to display their skills in a main event forum against each other. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this match and would be willing to buy the PPV if only for this bout. The subtleties that these two, skilled artisans of the squared circle possess and will utilize plus the story that they will tell is an announcer’s dream.”

Jim Ross on Andre the Giant’s birthday: “Today would have been Andre the Giant’s 66th birthday. The ‘8th Wonder of the World’ was the true definition of an ‘attraction’ wrestler. When not over exposed, IE not seen on weekly, national TV, Andre was kept special. When Andre came to a territory the Frenchman was an attraction of extraordinary magnitude. Virtually every true, wrestling fan has some memory of Andre and we that worked with him are no different.

Andre was fortunate in some ways to come along when he did as overexposure on national and global TV for attraction type talents shortens their shelf life considerably. Overexposure for any performer isn’t good but it’s especially tough on talents who are best seen on special occasions and not weekly. Plus, the world in general is producing more, BIG athletes than at any time in history.”

For Jim Ross’ full weekend blog entry, click here.

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Source: JR's Blog

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