Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Over The Limit 2012 (John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Randy Orton)
by Matthew Harrak on May 21, 2012

(Ed. Note: This was the coverage I provided last night live during the PPV on the official Pulse Wrestling Twitter account, @pulsewrestling. Be sure to follow us every PPV for the same coverage and analysis.)

– Like the set. Basic but the blue color reminds me of SmackDown, making that show seem important.

– I GUESS they are at least blowing off the Zack Ryder vs Kane feud.

– This was a pretty entertaining match considering the people involved.

– The WWE are really doing a good job at making the preshows relevant.

– Interesting way to start the PPV. I like the change of pace.

– If this crowd is marking out for William Regal, I can only imagine what the Punk/Bryan match will be like.

– Guessing Christian wins and challenges Cody for the IC title, making a babyface turn.

– Does Dolph Ziggler have new gear every month?

– I’m torn. I hate Kofi/Truth but I don’t want Dolph stuck in a tag team.

– This has been a long & uncoordinated match.

– Not a very impressive match considering the men in this match. Hope this breaks Swagger & Ziggler up as a team.

– HEY! A Hawkins/Rex role for a PPV?!

– Wonder if Steve Austin ever bedazzled his knee braces…

(The Hall of Famer was even nice enough to provide us with an answer)


– Wow, they really like putting World title matches on early now.

– Gotta love the “Si! Si! Si!” chants.

– My wife pointed out that Chris Jericho has really tiny nipples. Now that’s all I can see…

– Why doesn’t this WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH feel important?!

– This match really has picked up. I thought Sheamus was a lock but they’ve done a great job.

– GREAT near falls but “White Noise”?! What the hell is that?!?!?!

– Hey, called that one about an hour ago. Too many heels on SmackDown anyway.

– Miz is the next victim for Brodus Clay? Ouch.

– Well, those are some loud tights on Clay.

– Fun fact, Miz used to be the WWE Champion and feuded with John Cena. No really, I’m serious.

– Do you know how long it took the WWE interns to make those signs?!

– Battle Royal, babyface turn and IC title win. Busy night for Christian.

– I loved the shoot comments from CM Punk while also weaving in the WWE-style storyline.

– Daniel Bryan’s new kickpads are fantastic!

– The “YES!” signs are just unbelievable. I really can’t tell who’s more over tonight.

– I’m sorry if I’m a little quiet during this match. How can you not be enthralled by CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan?

– Haven’t seen the surfboard into a dragon sleeper since Bryan’s ROH days.

– Utterly strange to hear the “Cena fans” chanting for CM Punk.

– “I have till 5.” – Excellent

– This match absolutely lived up to the hype and expectations. Plus the finish means we’ll be seeing another match between these two.

– What the Hunico?! Please bring out Ryback.

– I’m fine with featuring Ryback like this. But is anyone else unimpressed by his finisher?

– Can the Big Show just come out now so I can call it a night?

– I was kind of hoping John Laurinitis would come out ala Vince McMahon, all oiled & jacked up.

– Laurinitis looks like a failed speed skater.

– This was pretty funny… then it went longer than 5 minutes.

– There are seriously shocked people in the audience. I’m shocked by them being shocked.

– Overall though, a good show that was carried by Bryan vs Punk. Their rematch will be one to look forward to.

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