CB’s Slant: Memorial Day Monday Night Raw Preview for 5/28/12 – Angry Big Show, Crazy AJ, Orton in Limbo
by CB on May 28, 2012

Below is WWE.com’s Five-Point Preview for tonight’s live Memorial Day episode of Monday Night Raw, along with my own thoughts on Big Show’s heel turn, Kane’s face turn, Sheamus vs. Big Johnny, Randy Orton’s next move and CM Punk’s “emerging” relationship with AJ Lee:

1. How wide will Big Show’s path of destruction get? Now that Big Show is in Johnny Ace’s pocket and he knocked out Cena twice last week, is there anything — or anyone — that can stop his path of destruction?

CB’s Slant: Yes. Put Big Show against Brodus Clay or Ryback and see what happens!

2. Will Kane unleash his wrath on Daniel Bryan? In case you missed it, Kane apparently turned face for the one zillionth time in his career. He’s now targeting Daniel Bryan, so will D-Bry be able to weasel his way off of Kane’s radar screen?

CB’s Slant: I hope so. The last thing I want to see is a continued Bryan-Kane saga. Give me more D-Bry vs. Punk RIGHT NOW!

3. Could Sheamus face repercussions for crossing John Laurinaitis?

CB’s Slant: Of course he can. Johnny is on the People Power Trip of a lifetime, so Sheamus will likely be punished in a big way on Raw for knocking over Ace last week on Raw, then making fun of him on SmackDown. His punishment: Having to wrestle David Otunga in a Best of 7 Series.

4. What is Randy Orton’s next move (especially now that Chris Jericho was suspended and WWE was supposed to move forward with an Orton-Y2J feud?

CB’s Slant: Orton vs. Jericho would have been fun, but also very predictable. Randy would have beaten Jericho like everyone else has since Y2J’s return, especially since Jericho is almost out the door for his Fozzy tour this summer. With Jericho out of the picture and Orton with nothing to do, I think Randy should move onto a feud with someone that he can help make relevant again. No, not The Miz as I think that’s a lost cause, but perhaps Orton vs. Ziggler would be good for a few weeks. At least Dolph is a solid worker and they would make each other look good in their matches.

My other candidate for Orton to feud with — and this should come as no surprise to those of you who read this site regularly — is Damien Sandow. I love that guy, and since he thinks people like Yoshi Tatsu and Derrick Bateman are WAY beneath him, I say give him a shot at the big-time and let’s all see what he can do in a high profile storyline with an established main event guy who has nothing better to do anyway.

5. Is CM Punk falling for Daniel Bryan’s ex-girlfriend AJ?

CB’s Slant: Punk digs crazy chicks, and AJ is pretty freakin’ crazy. This isn’t my favorite development in the world but if it keeps the Punk-Bryan feud as a primary point of focus for the soap opera writers over at Titan Towers, then I say go for it … as long as Punk and Bryan get to wrestle a lot in the process.


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Source: WWE.com

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