THE RAGER! – The Thanksgiving Day Special (CM Punk, Dean Ambrose, Big Show)

First off, let me wish you and yours a most happy Thanksgiving. I know I have plenty to be thankful for, one of those things would be each and every one of you, the good folks that take time out of their busy days just to read my thoughts and completely hate, despise or agree. Most of all, I am thankful for my dad (referred to in the very first edition of THE RAGER as “Pops”) because earlier this year, we got news that he is now completely cancer-free after an almost 3 year battle. During the last year of that battle, THE RAGER was a great escape for me where I could just concentrate on wrestling for a little bit and I would like to thank everyone for giving me that opportunity as well as the well-wishes from everybody for Pops.

Enough of all the touchy feely stuff, LET US RAGE!

Again, it’s the week of Thanksgiving and because of that, I thought I’d take a break from the regularly scheduled “Thoughts-on-PPV” RAGER and hit you all up with a list of all the things I’m thankful for in the world of WWE (That’s right, the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, redundancy is runnin’ wild).

1. The IWC can finally stop complaining: CM Punk has been champ for over a year, WWE has actually pushed their young talent to the top of the card (Ryback), Daniel Bryan is being used consistently, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose finally debuted and Ziggler cleanly beat Orton at Survivor Series and pushed to the top against Cena. I should rephrase my initial statement, the IWC can find something new to complain about (come at me, yo).
2. Damien Sandow, just because of everything.
3. A really great year for WWE PPVs (minus Elimination Chamber, Summer Slam and anything involving John Laurinaitis). Survivor Series was really good, top to bottom (minus the scandal update), and made me actually interesting in Del Rio’s involvement which could only be described as miraculous.
4. Big Show being WHC. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely despise Show with every fiber of my being. However, Sheamus being champ and facing Del Rio over and over and over without any advancements in the actual story was getting horrendous. Sure, we’re still getting Sheamus shoved down our throats but at least Sheamus doesn’t have the belt anymore and he isn’t facing Del Rio anymore.
5. I actually like the Diva’s division now. Is it being handled effectively, of course not, but for the first time in a long time, there doesn’t appear to be any Diva that I despise (mostly thanks to the departures of Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins).
6. Kaitlyn
7. AJ (but not the scandal story)
8. The Tag Team division is back in full force and not just something Teddy Long does for every Smackdown main event.
9. Jerry Lawler is alive and well. I still despise his commentary (I won’t repeat the expletives that were yelled when I heard Jerry’s “Hoes-B” joke the first time, let alone when he said it again the next night) but I’m glad he’s doing better and that WWE decided to wait until after he came back before they made a storyline out of it.
10. Johnny Curtis will be on my tv once again very soon. This guy was gold in my eyes during his time in NXT and the fact that he has a new character, possibly an off-ramp of his NXT character, makes me completely happy. Of course there is a chance that Fandango completely flops dead but I’m willing to take that risk.
11. Team Friendship: Everything they do warms up my innards.
12. There’s a chance Mark Henry will return fairly soon. A year and a half ago, I rolled my eyes every time I heard Henry’s music hit. However, since then the guy has completely transformed his career and gave us something completely fantastic in all phases.
13. The Miz seems like he has a purpose in the company again.
14. Paul Heyman is on my TV on a regular basis.
15. We are seeing more Tyson Kidd.

And now it’s time for us to go around the dinner table: What are you most thankful for in WWE today?
Have a great Thanksgiving, one and all

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice

The Answer: The ability to eat fries without using my hands is equal parts impressive and pathetic. Ladies, ladies, one at a time, please.

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