Aquaman Spoilers: A New 52 Return For a Dead Fan Favorite?

Did anybody else get psyched up by Aquaman during Brightest Day and find themselves eagerly awaiting a Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis Aquaman to follow it up? I know I did. I mean, sure, we still got that Johns/Reis Aquaman series, but there were some things missing from the build up.

Like the Aquaman family of Aquaman, Mera, Aquagirl, and the new Aqualad. The family that is now Aquaman, Mera, and Aquadog. Yes, I am going to call him Aquadog. Then you look over at the Teen Titans and realize that the classic rosters never happened, and all of the sudden a few threads start to come lose in Aquaman’s history.

There was never an Aqualad? There was never an Aquagirl? There was never an Aquababy? There just isn’t enough Aqua! Arthur hasn’t had a sidekick! Now, obviously, that was only going to be a matter of time, since everyone knows Aquaman has a sidekick that is the butt of just as many jokes as our Atlantean hero.

So what’s the point of this? A single page from this weeks issue of Aquaman.

The belief that a boy born with Purple Eyes bringing about the end of Atlantis is not new to Aquaman lore, and it weighed heavily into the origins of the original Aqualad. Also relavent? The boy with purple eyes is named Garth, who happens to be the original Aqualad.

Last time we saw Garth was in the early days of Blackest Night, he had claimed the Throne of Atlantis for himself only to shortly after meet his fate at the hands of the Black Lantern versions of his former loves.

He was replaced with the son of Black Manta, best known for being on the Young Justice cartoon. This character, Jackson Hyde, has seemingly ceased to exist in the New 52.

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