The Voice – Final Four Performance Review

Well, I have to say, this is a surprising final four. Blake and Cee Lo each have two singers left, while Christina and Adam have none. I didn’t see that coming. I also find it hard to feel invested in the show now that Amanda Brown has been eliminated, because I don’t think any of the four remaining singers have her combination of talent, stage presence and artistry.

Nicholas David and Terry McDermott have been, to me, predictable and rather boring. And while Trevin is talented, he’s been inconsistent and often choose songs that don’t work for him. That leaves Cassadee Pope, who I think has a decent voice, a lot of stage presence and has improved a lot throughout the competition. So I’ll be rooting for Cassadee to win.

I was disappointed that everyone only sang one song this week. They couldn’t fit eight performances into an hour?

Team Cee Lo – Trevin Hunte singing “Wind Beneath My Wings”
Is it just me, or did that performance sound awful? It sounded to me like he missed a bunch of notes. I also didn’t care for the song choice. I like Trevin when the song is right, but this felt too schmaltzy, like when he did “The Greatest Love Of All”. I just didn’t like this performance, and I don’t think it was what will get him into the finals.

Team Cee Lo – Nicholas David singing “You Are So Beautiful”
Another classic. This is a great song and a perfect hit for Nicholas, but I hoped he’d do something more contemporary this week. This was a beautiful performance – it felt like more of the same, but it was lovely.

Team Blake – Cassadee Pope singing “Stupid Boy”
A Keith Urban song? This isn’t what I’d hoped to see from Cassadee this week, but it was a very pretty performance and the kind of thing that will definitely get her into the finals. Cassadee is the only person left in the competition who I really think could be a real star – someone who can put out a song that will get played on the radio.

Team Blake – Terry McDermott singing “Let It Be”
Another classic, and another predictable but pleasing song. This guy is very, very good. There’s no denying it. But he’s kind of…YouTube star good. You listen and go “Wow, he nails that song that I already love”. But could he be a star? I honestly am not sure.

This was a boring episode. Everyone played it really safe with their song choices. No one pushed the envelope or stole the show. YAWN. I predict a Team Blake finals – Cassadee vs. Terry. What do you guys think?