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Welcome to the beginning of Inside Fights’s UFC on Fox 6 coverage. I’m Scott Sawitz and I’m in press row at the United Center, covering the action cageside. Stay with us all night long as we bring you live play by play and analysis of tonight’s free card.

Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

David Mitchell is out to “Sweet Home Chicago” and the crowd is pretty alright with it. Thoresen is out to to the Blackhawks theme music.

Round 1

Mitchell is the gagresor to start as both are looking to kepe it standing. Mitchell’s hands look fairly cirps so far; Thoresen is looking to counter. Mitchell with a clinch attempt and some dirty boxing that goes nowhere. After the clinch Thoresen is a bit more aggressive. Thoresen tags him a couple of times and Mitchell goes for the takeodwn. Big shot from Thoresen and Mitchell is rocked and an exchange leads to Thoresen grabbing the clinch and looks to work from that. Both of these guys are throwing; Thoresen is connecting more but Mitchell is making him eat some shots. A minute left and a takedown attempt from Mitchell won’t connect. Clinch attempt and we’re working inside. Round ends with a flurry. Both these guys brought their working boots today.

Thoresen 10-9

Round 2

Mitchell comes out firing and lands some nice body work. This is an absolute scrap and Mitchell rocks him with a combination, Thoresen to the ground and Mitchell pounces. Grabs back and is looking for a choke, Thoresen defends well and goes for an armbar off his back. Mitchell is defending well. Thoresen with a sweep and Mitchell is looking to work into mission control. Has it tight but can’t do much. Winds up back into full guard and lands a nice axe kick to the body standing on a prone Thoresen.

Mitchell 10-9

Round 3

Bit of a delay to start as Thoresen gets a double look over from the doctor at cageside. Mitchell to the clinch and back to the cage. Quick break to clean up Thoresen’s gloves. Some solid brawling and Mitchell with a big overhand followed by some clinch work against the cage. Mitchell finally gets it to he ground and isn’t comfortable there. Stands back up and back to our feet. Thoresen is the aggressor now but Mitchell is making him pay every time he comes in. Mitchell grabs a deep armbar as thoresen gets him to the ground. Mitchell stays in a deep armbar position for a while but can’t finish.

Mitchell 10-9

We have it Mitchell 29-28

Official Decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 David Mitchell

Natal vs. Spencer

Round 1

Spencer comes out more aggressive but Natal I slooking to counter. Eyepoke by Natal and we have a break. Doctor coming in to check it out. He’s alright, though. Spencer comes out more aggressive as Natal is staying away. He’s landing some power shots and Natal is getting out before he can put together a combination. Natal catche shim with a nice overhand that Spencer walks through; nice spinning back fist from Natal that has him eating a nice combination. Spencer with a big shot that drops Natal, Natal recovers quick. Looked more like a lsip. Spencer is looking for power punches and isn’t pumping the jab a lot. Natal is managiong distance well and landing some nice shots. 90 seconds left and he goes for a takedown, can’t finish and Spencer gets him against the cage. Natal gets him to the ground and late and gets amount, unloading on him

10-9 Natal

Round 2:

Natal dominates for most of the round, getting Spencer to the ground 2 minutes and controlling him there. Round ended with Spencer fighting off submission attempt


Round 3

Natal gets him to the ground quickly and gets him into a mounted crucifix, unloading on him. Natal grabs a kimura and nearly finishes it two minutes into the round. Finally taps to it at 2:13 of the third round.

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