UFC 156 (Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar) – Live Results and Play by Play (Facebook Fights)

Welcome fight fans to UFC 156! We’re live-ish from Inside Fights HQ in Chicago, IL, where I’m in the midst of a late snowfall as per the season. We’ll be hear all night from the first fight to the last. Stay tuned for live play by play of the Facebook fights and stay with us for the rest of the evening.

Preliminary Card (Facebook):
Chico Camus vs. Dustin Kimura
Edwin Figueroa vs. Francisco Rivera

Edwin Figueroa vs. Francisco Rivera

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing fairly early; no feeling out process either. Edwin is looking to throw to the body and then move up; Rivera is countering why leading to kicks to the body. Edwin tags him HARD and lands a nice combination. Rivera was wobbly for a moment but has recovered. Big left hook winged by Edwin and Rivera is down, Edwin dies in and Rivera grabs full guard on him. Rivera looks to work an armbar off the bottom and Edwin bails, both to our feet. Figueroa is landing some nice combinations and Rivera is only mustering one strike in response; Edwin is teeing off with nice combinations and Rivera’s counters aren’t doing much. Rivera with a sloppy double that works and Figueroa is in guard. Rivera with a beautiful guard pass into side control and Edwin shrimps to his feet. We’re back up and back to throwing down. These guys are throwing some leather tonight. Rivera is getting timed off his leg kicks and as soon as he throws one Figueroa is throwing down the middle. Nice question mark kick and Rivera gets a nice takedown. Figueroa gets deep into mission control and Rivera postures up then stands up, letting Edwin stay on his back as he kicks his legs.

Figueroa 10-9 … he landed the biggest shot of the round and landed more effective striking. The two takedowns could sway the judges, though, so be warned if this goes to a decision.

Round 2: Rivera comes out with some really nice movement to start. He’s not standing in front and taking punishment this round; Edwin isn’t landing nearly as much. Figueroa catches a kick and gets the takedown, Rivera nearly pulls a triangle out of it but Figueroa postures up and press him into the cage. We’re in full guard as Rivera is looking for something off the bottom while Figueroa is landing some nice strikes. Edwin is really using top position to keep control; Rivera wall walks his way into a whizzer and then back to his feet. Really nice work from the bottom. Rivera with a nice hook/leg kick combination from the same side. Edwin is a bit gassed as his hands are down and Rivera is pushing the pace. Big left catches Edwin coming in; these guys are standing and trading something fierce. Rivera is landing some nice strikes as Edwin is just taking shots. Big combination from Rivera with 50 seconds as he’s teeing off. Kim Winslow steps in at 4:20 of the second round.

Francisco Rivera wins via TKO (strikes) at 4:20 of the second round.

Chico Camus vs. Dustin Kimura

Round 1: Camus opens things with a big right that wobbles Kimura and Kimura pulls guard to get him to the ground. He grabs a triangle but Camus is fighting it off well. He has it in really tight, though, as he looks to work it. Camus defends it well and Kimura has to let it go. Kimura grabs it again and Camus is defending it well; he’s leaving himself open as Kimura’s guard is something else. He rolls for an omoplata and Camus rolls out, Dustin on to his feet and Camus off his back. Camus rolls to his stomach and Kimura dives in, taking back. He goes for the choke and Camus rolls him onto his back. Kimura’s guard play is something else right now; Camus is defending well but Kimura is getting really close to catching him in something. Camus is leaving things open and Kimura works for a meat hook position but can’t finish. Camus isn’t doing much but playing defense right now. Round ends as he rolls off his back for an armbar and can’t finish.

Kimura 10-9

Round 2: Kimura comes out a bit more aggressive as Camus hopefully learned his lesson this round. He needs to keep his distance and avoid getting to the ground again; he’s looking to stick and move early as Kimura is stepping heavy to get inside as fast as he can. He’s looking to pull guard and get him to the ground again. Camus isn’t looking to throw anything complex or deep; he’s look to land a jab and a follow up combination before getting back out. He’s using his footwork to get Kimura chase after him as he circles. Kimura comes in looking for the clinch and Camus gets right back out. Kimura is landing more as Camus’s stick and move is working but he’s not landing much. Camus grabs the clinch and looks for the takedown. Kimura is trying to work off the cage as Camus is content to land a knee or two. He wants the takedown but he wants to land with underhooks in. Kimura circles out, though and back to the center. Camus with a beautiful deep single picking the ankle as Kimura grabs butterfly guard. Kimura grabs a triangle and turns it into an armbar, spin out and into a deep triangle. Doesn’t have it locked as Camus is defending. Kimura nearly finishes it as the round ends.

10-9 Kimura, 20-18 Kimura

Round 3:Some grappling to start as Camus goes for another takedown, Kimura fights it off well. Kimura is working off it well as Camus is trying to bring him down with double underhooks. He’s keeping it in the middle of his back which won’t get a guy down; you need it around back of the neck or on the lower back for leverage. Slip by Camus and Kimura grabs his back. Both hooks and the choke is on. Tap at 1:49 of the third round.

Dustin Kimura wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:49 of the third round

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