UFC 156 (Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar) – Live Results and Play by Play (FX Fights)

Welcome fight fans to UFC 156! We’re live-ish from Inside Fights HQ in Chicago, IL, where I’m in the midst of a late snowfall as per the season. We’ll be hear all night from the first fight to the last. Stay tuned for live play by play of the FX fights and stay with us for the rest of the evening. You can click here to see everything that happened on the Facebook portion of the card.

Preliminary Card (FX):
Evan Dunham vs. Gleison Tibau
Jay Hieron vs. Tyron Woodley
Bobby Green vs. Jacob Volkmann
Yves Edwards vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Yves Edwards vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Round 1: Flagg comes out aggressive but Edwards is countering him solidly whenever he wades in. Flagg is coming out really aggressive so far; he’s pushing the pace and throwing first but is eating a lot of strikes for his effort. Edwards is connecting whenever Flagg wades in. Flagg is landing some nice right and grabs the clinch, Edwards defending well. Wild exchanges frmo the two as Edwards is eating a lot to make Flagg do the same. Flagg is landing some really nice right hands; Edwards can’t eat them all day. Flying superman punch and Edwards clinches up as Flagg pummels out. Edwards with some nice kicks, gets one caught by Flagg but lands a beautiful flying knee out of it. Flagg finishes the pummel and back to the cage, Edwards circles out. Back to throwing as Edwards is throwing a lead uppercut on occasion; it can be dangerous if Flagg can catch him coming in. Round ends with another fiery exchange.

10-9 Edwards … but a very close 10-9. Could go either way.

Round 2: IVF comes out pushing the pace and goes for the clinch early, both fighters against the cage early. Edwards is working the Thai clinch but Flagg is doing a really good job at preventing him from landing knees out of it. Flagg is throwing overhand shots and Edwards is fucking and responding in kind. Back the clinch again and Flagg lands some nice uppercuts in it. As soon as Edwards goes for the clinch Flagg is throwing. Edwards lands a nice combination and Flagg walks through them as Flagg grabs the clinch against the cage. Edwards circles out, gets position and grabs a single with a trip. Flagg gets into half guard after initially landing with Edwards in side control. Edwards passes to side control with two minutes left. Edwards moves into mount and Flagg rolls to his stomach. Hooks are in and Edwards has his back against the cage. Good defense from Flagg as he plays wrist control with Edwards. Flagg rolls to his side and Edwards has both hooks in; Flagg is playing defense right now to keep Edwards from going for the choke. Round ends as Edwards can’t complete it.

Edwards 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Flagg opens with a nice push kick as he comes out much more aggressive. He’s come out like a man who knows he has to win the round. He’s landing some crisp combinations and Edwards is countering him really well. Edwards is using his movement to slip a lot of these punches; his counter game looks really good right now. Flagg gets the clinch and back against the cage, Edwards circles out quickly. Edwards slips a punch and lands a nice combination of his own. Flagg is starting to get a bit brawly now as he’s winging a lot of punches here. Edwards is countering well and with two minutes left Edwards can’t complete a sloppy single. Flagg is using a nice short elbow to really work Edwards over. Flagg is throwing a big right over the top with some nice body work; back to the clinch and we’re there with a minute left.Edwards circles out and we’re back to the middle of the cage. Both guys are throwing down right now. Flagg is throwing some big strikes and swarms him into the clinch as the round ends. Edwards circles out and we end with another flurry.

10-9 Flagg, 29-28 Edwards. Could go either way as however you scored the first is how the winner will be determined.

Official Decision: 29-28 Flagg, 29-28 Edwards, 29-28 Flagg

Flagg wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Bobby Green vs. Jacob Volkmann

Round 1: Volkmann comes out throwing kicks and looks to go for the takedown. Volkmann is in a shooter’s position in wrestling with his lead leg forward, looking for the level change. Green is in a square stance, which is designed to sprawl out of. Volkmann grabs a single and chains a takedown together off that. Volkmann into half guard as he’s looked for a d’arce or a guillotine. He’s landing some ground and pound as he’s looking to move to mount. Green tries to set up a scramble and Volkmann’s top position is stifling right now. Another scramble and Volkmann stands up, grabbing both legs. He’s either look for a pass or to grab a leg lock; Volkmann pushes him against the cage instead and Green tries to push him off with his legs. Volkmann’s back on him again with a body triangle. It’s almost academic now as Green hand fights his way out of a rear naked choke twice as he’s playing hand control now. Third time isn’t the charm, either as Volkmann is grinding him now. Round ends with some light striking.

10-9 Volkmann

Round 2: Green has to keep his distance this round; Volkmann is exploding as soon as he gets within range and Green is trying to defend as opposed to get away.

Takedown from Volkmann gets in but Green is back up. Second attempt and Green explodes out of that. Green presses him against the cage as Volkmann grabs an arm-in guillotine. That can’t work as Green is unloading some strong striking. Another takedown and Volkmann can’t connect; Volkmann winds up on his back and Green’s in full guard. Interesting spot for Volkmann who is rarely on his back. Green with some nice striking from guard as Volkmann isn’t known for his work off his back. Volkmann is looking to ride it out to a standup but Green is landing some strikes to the body. Green is landing some nice elbow strikes. Volkmann gets a standup that’s an absolute gift; Green was working on top and was no way justified. Green is the aggressor now as he looks like a new fighter. Head kick from Green that Volkmann kind of smiles at, then proceeds to get a takeodwn. Volkmann moves to back and drags him to the ground as Volkmann grabs a body triangle and then goes for a rear naked choke again. That body triangle isn’t complete, though, as Green moves to his side. Volkmann ends the round as the first, trying for a rear naked choke.

10-9 Green, 19-19

Here’s the thing: the judges could give Volkmann that round. If this goes all the way to decision that ending sequence could steal the fight for Volkmann.

Round 3: Volkmann goes for a takedown early and eats a knee from Green. And then Volkmann decides to reenact a skit from “Jackass” and kicks Green straight in the nuts for a quick break in the action.

Green is fired up; maybe hitting him in the crotch is the secret to accelerating his abilities.

Green comes out throwing as he’s landing some nice shots as Volkmann goes for the takeodwn again. Green with a beautiful trip takedown and lands in side control. Volkmann tries to roll into north/south as Green keeps position well. Volkmann tries to use the cage as Green moves his way into half guard. Volkmann spins out of the side and we’re back standing. Green is watching his distance as Volkmann is looking for a big takedown and a level change winds up going nowhere. Volkmann grabs a takedown and Green reverses him beautifully, back up to the cage and Volkmann takes his back looking for rear mount. Volkmann drags him to the ground and Green is fighting him the whole way. He manages to reverse position and grabs mount. Green is teeing off on him and Volkmann is eating some punishment. A minute left and Volkmann is gassed. He’s holding on for dear life right now as Green is trying to get some space. Volkmann is busted open as Volkmann
gives his back up. Green grabs a rear naked choke and he only needs it once to get the submission with :35 left in the fight.

Green wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:25 of the third round.

Jay Hieron vs. Tyron Woodley

Round 1: Woodley lands a big right and follows it up with a nice left and Hieron is rocked, falls flat on his face. Woodley pours it on and just tees off on him. It’s getting ugly and Herb Dean steps in at :36 of the first round.

Woodley wins via TKO at :36 of the first round.

Evan Dunham vs. Gleison Tibau

Round 1: Not a lot to begin with as both guys feel each other out. Dunham lands a nice combination early and Tibau throws a big left of his own. Tibau is content to wing strikes while Dunham is landing some crisp technical strikes. Absolute fire fight breaks out as Tibeau lands a beautiful right, goes for the takedown and grabs a guillotine. Pulls guard and tries to mount but Dunham fights his way out of it. Dunham is trying to work his way back to his feet as Tibau is looking to spin to the back. Dunham is slowly getting back up and gets up to his feet, Tibau against the cage. Some pummeling as Dunham is pushing him around. Tibau backs out and we’re back to the middle. Some brawling follows as Dunham is looking to set up combination and Tibau is looking for a big strike. Tibau is slowing down as Dunham is starting to turn the pace up. Dunham nearly gets the takedown and is against the cage but Tibau manages to reverse position and keep Dunham pinned against the cage. Round ends as they pummel for position

10-9 Tibau

Round 2: Dunham comes out and is pushing a harder pace to start the round. Tibau has slowed down considerably and Dunham is landing more in volume as Tibau keeps looking for a big shot. Dunham is getting out before Tibau can get the opportunity though. Tibau lands a nice left 90 seconds in and Dunham goes for the takedown. Tibau defends beautifully and we’re in the clinch against the cage, trading knees. They work out of it and Dunham is pushing the pace a bit harder. He’s landing more as Tibau has a second wind of sorts. He’s loading up when he’s throwing as he’s winging hooks from both hands. Dunham with a beautiful level change but Tibau defends it strongly. Dunham responds with some combinations and movement as Tibau is looking for a big counter but eating combinations to do so. Round ends with Dunham landing a nice combination as they swing away.

Dunham 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Some big strikes to start and Tibau goes for the takedown, Tibau goes for a guillotine and can’t finish it. Pulls guard looking to finish it and Dunham defends beautifully. Tibau moves out after some clinching against the cage and we’re back to the middle. Dunham is looking for volume and Tibau is looking for the big kill shot; Dunham goes in for another takedown and can’t get it but he’s teeing off that jab before and after. Tibau with his own takedown attempt but he gets Dunham against the cage; Dunham circles out and we’re back to the center of the cage. Dunham is landing some nice combinations as Tibau looks like he’s gassed right now. Dunham keeps going for the takedown when he’s winning the stand up war with combinations. Dunham goes to the Thai clinch and lands a nice knee, following by some nice combinations. Tibau is gassed now and half heartedly throwing big shows as Dunham is taking him apart right now. Tibau with a takedown attempt and Dunham lands a nice combination, failed takedown attempt on his part and we’re back to the center. The round ends as Tibau is looking to throw a big left but can’t connect; Dunham lands a beautiful flying knee that rocks Tibau and finishes with some nice work.

10-9 Dunham, 29-28 Dunham

Official decision: 29-28 Dunham, 29-28 Tibau, 29-28 Dunham

Evan Dunham wins via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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