Supernatural Episode 8-13 Review – “Everybody Hates Hitler”

Last week when I saw the preview for “Everybody Hates Hitler”, I thought that Supernatural was opting for a parody episode like they did a few seasons ago with their Universal horror send up “Monster Movie”. However this time changing things up by taking a shots at some of the more culty films that are about the World War 2 era like “Werewolf Women of the SS” but sadly this seems not to be the case. What we get is Dean and Sam Vs. Nazis. Which is ultimately about as fun as it sounds. Campy…light and overall “eh”.

For a premise so odd this episode actually has quite a plausable beginning and manages to actually stay historically accurate…well in some places and not be so far-fetched as you would believe. At the start of the show Sam and Dean are spending some time off from hunting trying to track down more information about the Men of Letters, a secret society which their grandfather had been a member and told them about in the previous episode. In their search they discover a bunker which was used as a MOL meeting place. While there they find several documents detailing the society’s actions during World War 2. This of course seems odd but all people from all walks of life were effected by the war and played a part in some way. Now here is the reason why I included those dots when I said “accurate” and “plasuable”.

Turns out there was a branch called The Judah Initiative, a European team of saboteurs that were all Rabbis. They were active fighting against The Thule Society, yet another secret group, but this one included a group of necromancers that funded the Nazis during their early days. Believe it or not this last part is actually true. There was a society dedicated to this pursuit and the Reich, especially it’s leader, were obsessed with relics, bones of saints and magic in general. Now whether or not they fought a secret war against Rabbis is a different story.

Anyway back to the weirdness. The last member of The Judah Initiative doesn’t just die he has a quick but potent bout with spontaneous combustion which obviously got the boys attention. From there Dean and Sam run into a young Jewish kid, who like them is a descendant of the Men of Letters, but he has a problem…a big 7’0 foot problem a Golem created by his Grandfather. Including a Golem is actually not a bad idea on it’s surface. It is a mythic religious character that is not widely known and presents some interesting opportunities as a villain. However the creature is used as more of an ally. As you would expect this wayward youngster actually learns a ton about himself from the big guy and is doubtful about his role in all of this supernatural stuff before finally accepting it in the end…just like the boys have.

The Thule eventually come after the team but are rather quickly defeated.  It seems that the writers are hell-bent on setting the match up between the Men of Letters and Thule Society at some point in the near future. Whether this is just a simple introduction of a group of characters we will deal with later on or one of the major arcs of the remaining part of the season, it is rather anti-climatic and disappointing. Nazi necromancer seems both very done and just as crazy . The sign posts are all up ahead for a tale like this one. After some dragged out episodes Sam and Dean learn more about themselves, a secret war, their family commitment to yadda yadda and suffer along the way but come out better than they went in. It is another match up between two forces like Angels and Demons which came before. Hopefully I am wrong but I guess only time will tell.