10 Thoughts on “The Ultimate Fighter” Episode 5: “The Reflection of Perfection”

Last week, Team Jon Jones recovered with a win over Team Chael Sonnen as Collin Hart defeated Kevin Casey. Tonight is Sonnen’s chance to exact revenge, but standing in their way is Bubba McDaniel, this season’s “angry jerk”. We’ll be recapping the top 10 thoughts we have about tonight’s show starting at 9:00 PM ET so we’ll see you back here at 9 PM ET for our β€œ10 Thoughts on β€˜The Ultimate Fighter'”.

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Kelvin Gastelum is a big Ronda Rousey fan…but who isn’t?
Early apologies to Kelvin as I spelled his name wrong last week. I am a moron, it seems, but only when it comes to knowing the difference between a “Calvin” and a “Kelvin”. Meh. I’m over it. Chael Sonnen got her on the phone and she promised that if he won the battle with Bubba McDaniel that she would come and teach a session at the gym. Team Sonnen thinks Kelvin will get the surprise KO and I think he might be right. Despite Bubba’s work ethic, the kid has a chance to pull this one out.

Charades are what champions are made of.
Bubba goes by the fire to be alone. He’s a loner, the kid that “shouldn’t be alive at the age he’s at now”. He’s also a bit of a “heel,” to quote a wrestling term. I also think he’s a bit of a d-bag. He breaks into some song and dance about his Toughman days (where he lost) and how MMA helped save his life. Seriously, they’re trying to paint this guy as a sympathetic character, but I can’t get into him. He’s a jerk. The MMA fans think he’s a jerk, thus, he’s a jerk.

Kelvin is a babyface.
This Kelvin is a likeable guy. The kind of guy that you can really root for. He wants to help his Mom, to show her that sacrifices were worthwhile. He’s being coached in these first group sessions to strike a bit more, something he’s getting more comfortable with since he’s come over from his wrestling background. He is the youngest fighter in the history of TUF and he’s ready to make history with his win. Can he do it? I think so, but we haven’t seen much of Bubba on the mat, but you have to think with his experience, he’ll be ready for that type of bout.

Great metaphors make for solid mental preparation.
Chael Sonnen gives an amazing speech about 2x4s and situational changes. How if you can walk a 2×4 on the ground easy as can be, that you can also do it once it’s on the top of a step ladder. Just the power of positive thinking. You can see just why this guy has talked his way into some big money fights, he really believes he’s capable of beating anyone on any given…Saturday, cuz it’s MMA. He’s motivating his guys, heck, he’s motivating me. I want to fight Bubba McDaniel. Okay, not really. I’m just saying that Chael has me motivated. I can get through the rest of these words. I can finish this post. I think I can, I think I can.

Jon Jones has some DIVAS on his team.
So Jon Jones wants to line up Josh Samman tells his coaches, who are responsible for the picks, that he won’t fight next if they win. Or, that he doesn’t WANT to fight. The whole of his left side of his body is sore. Nay, it’s hurting. In other words, he’s trying to politic his way out of a fight. A fight that he seemed to want two episodes ago. Now he’s “sore”? My gosh, it must stink to be a pro athlete. Honestly, this show makes me laugh. They edit the guys to be the worst characters ever. They’re like Dracula, except the Team Jones guys suck the happiness out of me when I watch the show. Nice work, FX. πŸ˜€

Everywhere but wrestling, Bubba can win.
So he can out-strike a guy. He can out grapple a guy, but he can’t win the wrestling game? That seems like a glaring hole in his game, doesn’t it? Does this foreshadow a big mistake by McDaniel? Embrace the suffering, Bubba. Sincerely, I think that you have earned it. I am tired of hearing your voice and seeing you and Josh Samman on TV. Let’s get it on and see what happens, mmm kay?

Mickey Rourke’s in the house.
Mickey Rourke, who most people might forget was a pro fighter at one point, shows up to talk with the guys. He discusses his own demons and failures. The two teams were there for the conversation and showed a lot of respect to one of the most interesting cats in entertainment. He got in the ring and you have to respect that. As long as he preaches to the boys, they respect that. He spoke to their fears and it seemed like a cool idea.

Really, that’s all I got there. Ha.

Fight’s coming up.
Bubba is sure he’s going to win. Kelvin is sure that he’s going to win. Honestly, I will go on record and say that I picked Kelvin, but I am second-guessing my choice. Chael Sonnen reminds Kelvin that he needs to wear Bubba down to get this win. Hopefully, I am right and will stay in first place in the Inside Fights group on the Ultimate Fighter picks contest.

Round 1 – Ding, Ding
This fight might be the 2nd most anticipated this season. The first: the big KO so this has to be the second. Kelvin secures an early takedown, but Bubba pushes Kelvin off. Bubba is getting outwrestled in the first minute of the fight. Bubba gets a good sweep into side control, but Kelvin gives up his back, so Bubba pulls him down to teh mat. Kelvin is able to defend an early rear naked choke and get back to his feet, where he hits a nice takedown. Bubba is very active from his back, getting an armbar that Kevin fight off. Bubba transitions to mount and Kelvin gets back to his feet and fights off Bubba again, ending up in his guard. McDaniel gets a reversal, but Gastelum gets top position and lands a big diving left hand to the grounded McDaniel as the round ends. 10-9 Bubba

Round 2 – Ring a ding ding
Coach Sonnen reminds Kelvin to fight for position and not flop on the mat. Gastelum lands a big leg kick to start the round. Bubba ends up on his back and is almost stuck in two guillotine chokes, but is able to transition to Kelvin’s back. Eventually both fighters end up sprawled and Kelvin takes his back. From there, Kelvin locks on a rear naked choke very, very deep and Bubba taps! Foreshadowing from before: I was right. Bubba was just plain out-wrestled.

Bubba was handed a win and he lost. Great win for Kelvin. He got his phone call from Ronda Rousey, the UFC Women’s champion and she confirmed that she will head down this season for a guest

Tor Troeng will be taking on…Josh Samman. He got picked! Josh Samman is put up for eviction, erm, elimination. It should be an awesome fight. I wonder if Josh is still sore? Oh well, we will have to find out next week. Great fight coming up between two big, athletic fighters – two top contenders for the title, really. Good night from Inside Fights’ Miami HQ!

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