UFC 157 (Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche) – FX Fights [Live Play By Play, Results]

Welcome to the Inside Fights Coverage live from Inside Fights HQ from Miami, FL. I am Shawn M. Smith, Editor in Chief of Inside Fights, and I will be covering the card live from the first punch to the last. Stay tuned to this post for the FX portion of the evening and continue reading us for all the results of this historic card. Click here to revisit the Facebook portion of the card.

Sam Stout vs. Caros Fodor
Round 1 – Stout tries to tie up early, but Fodor presses the fight and tries for a takedown. Stout gets Fodor against the fence but Stout gets free. Big hooks from Fodor connect before he shoots for a takedown and gets Sam Stout down. Stout gets the switch to Fodor’s back and the two end up on their feet, with Stout hitting short elbows against the cage. Back to the center of the Octagon, Fodor swings over the top. In the clinch again, Stout and Fodor dirty box. Outside trips attempt by Fodor fails and Stout gets a trip of his own into guard. Stout passes to half guard and lands some solid strikes. Sam Stout works to mount and lands an elbow that gets Fodor wearing a Stout backpack. Stout ends back up in mount as the round ends. 10-9 Stout

Round 2 – Immediate clinch from Fodor after a striking attempt. Sam Stout gets away from Fodor, but eats a huge right hand. Stout covers up and they end up grappling once again on the cage. And they are back to the center of the Octagon. Two inside leg kicks from Caros Fodor. Two punches to the body from Stout, but Fodor connects with a hook of his own. Good combination from Stout that ends with a head kick. Big left hook from Fodor lands and Fodor goes for an outside leg trip. Stout, however, is able to tie back up and get Fodor against the cage and pushes off to get free. High left kick misses from Stout. Jab lands clean on Stout’s chin and both fighters are pawing it out there. Stuffed takedown from Sam Stout, who wraps Fodor up and presses him to the fence. Right knee to the body, but Fodor is able to get Stout to the mat. 10-9 Stout

Round 3 – Fodor presses Stout hard to the cage, but Stout reverses. Leg trip from Fodor, but Stout is up quick. Stout uses a strength advantage to get Fodor wherever he wants. Takedown from Fodor and Stout is working to get up, which is does eventually. Short elbow to the face of Fodor in the clinch. Stout gets free again and eats some good shots from Caros Fodor. Stout avoids a takedown and takes a right hands from Fodor. Stout controls against the wall. Fodor is desperate for the trip takedown, but Stout fights it off. 10-9 Fodor and 29-28 for Sam Stout

Winner: Sam Stout by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice
Round 1 – Right hand lands for Bermudez, who pushes Grice against the cage. Quick reversal for Grice, but he goes for a trip takedown and is mounted with his arm trapped in between his opponent’s legs. Big punches from Bermudez as Grice cannot block the left and right hands with only one arm. Grice is able to get back to his feet and gets a partial takedown. Big left hook back in the center of the Octagon. Good leg kicks and jab from Grice. Bermudez gets caught in a front headlock and eats a knee. Elbow and hook by Grice as he pushes back off the fence. Big right hand and several big punches send Grice back on his heels. Bermudez works for a takedown, but lets go. Big left hook rocks Bermudez to the mat, but Grice cannot finish. Bermudez presses the action to the fence but both fighters are out again. Solid striking from each fighter. Left-right-knee combination lands for Grice to end the round. 10-9 Grice

Round 2 – Superman counter from Grice comes up short. Bermudez is sent tumbling after a missed strike. Clean left hook lands from Matt Grice. Bermudez is forced to grind Grice against the cage. As they release, Bermudez pursues with a leg kick. Right hand lands on the counter for Matt Grice. Grice sticks a jab in tight and tosses Bermudez to the mat. Grice grabs the head and neck of Bermudez and lands an elbow. Grice gets a takedown into Dennis Bermudez’ back. Grice is bleeding from the hairline. Grice and Bermudez continue to miss wildly. Against the cage again and Bermudez pushes for the position. Bermudez has Grice in a late round guillotine attempt but Grice flips over onto his back as the round ends. 10-9 Grice

Round 3 –
Bermudez is the aggressor in the third frame and hurts Grice badly with a big right. Grice gets rocked to the mat and eats a ton of shots. Back to their feet and Bermudez is abusing Grice. Huge rights and lefts have Grice bouncing off the cage. Big knees from Dennis see his eyes roll back, but he quickly recovers and bounces back into the punches of Bermudez. Uppercuts and rights from Bermudez continue to find a home. Grice eats a punch to the body and two big punches from Bermudez. Grice will just not go down. Another big right hook and Grice visibly supports himself on the wall and the two clinch. Big left from Grice, then a spinning back to the ribs before he lands another big left. The two clobber away as the fight ends. They immediately embrace as the fight closes. 10-8 Bermudez and 28-28 draw

Winner: Dennis Bermudez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Michael Chiesa vs. Anton Kuivanen
Round 1 – Chiesa paws the jab out and misses on several shots. Kuivanen eats two right hands from Chiesa. Front kick to the body from Kuivnanen. Chiesa throws a big headkick and slips to the mat. He’s back up quick. Chiesa comes forward and lands a good kick to the liver. Chiesa grabs a Thai clinch, but Kuivanen pushes him to the fence. Good grappling from each fighter. Two rights from Kuivanen and Chiesa opens his eyes wide and smiles. Chiesa catches a flying knee, but Kuivanen ends up back on his feet. Chiesa tries to toss Kuivanen down, but he presses back to his feet and the two are clinched up as the round draws to a close. 10-9 Kuivanen

Round 2 – Left hand high kick combo fails to land. Chiesa shoots in and grabs a leg, fighting for a takedown that Kuivanen is warding off. Chiesa gets the back of Kuivanen and drags him to the mat. Tight body triangle from Chiesa on the back and Chiesa is fighting and fighting for the rear naked choke. Three attempts and he finally locks it on tight. Kuivanen is forced to tap.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by submission (R2, rear naked choke, 2:29)

Brendan Schaub vs. Lavar Johnson
Round 1 – Johnson misses a big right and Schaub ducks under for a takedown. Schaub tries to step through to side control, but Johnson holds him into half guard. Schaub takes a guillotine but is eating a ton of strikes from Johnson. Anaconda choke from Schaub, but Johnson is free and has Schaub on top of him in side control. Johnson gets back to his feet and lands a nice knee to the body. Schaub is taken down by Johnson now. Brendan Schaub drops down to attack a leg and he uses the submission to get back on top in half guard. Schaub is working short strikes as he works to get his right leg free. Johnson gets back to his feet, but Schaub takes him right back down. 10-9 Schaub

Round 2 – Lavar slips on a sprawled takedown but gets back up. Clinched against the fence and Lavar Johnson is landing big shots to the body of Schaub. Big knee to the body from Johnson, but Schaub immediately shoots in and gets a takedown. Schaub is working for mount and he almost pulls it off before getting stood up by the referee. Johnson gets tagged while he loads up a big right. Another big right hand from Johnson barely connects as they lock up. Schaub lands a big right over the top as he goes for another takedown. A prolonged period sees Schaub landing short shots in the half guard against Johnson. 10-9 Schaub

Round 3 – Surely Johnson will be headhunting this round. Uppercut lands for Johnson. Schaub gets through on a double leg and is in Johnson’s guard. The two are back on their feet and “Big” throws a huge right that just misses. Schaub ducks under and gets another takedown. Three minutes to go and Schaub is only holding Johnson down. The fans are booing as Schaub gets the mount. Lavar Johnson is able to scoot back into half guard. Head and arm choke attempt from Schaub. Lavar explodes up as Schaub dives at him. Another takedown and Lavar gets caught in a gator roll. Johnson is being exposed on the mat tonight. Johnson can’t knock Brendan Schaub from his back and we see some more ground and pound as the round, and fight, end. 10-9 Schaub

Winner: Brendan Schaub by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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