UFC 157 (Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche) – PPV Main Card [Live Play By Play, Results]

Welcome to the Inside Fights Coverage live from Inside Fights HQ from Miami, FL. I am Shawn M. Smith, Editor in Chief of Inside Fights, and I will be covering the card live from the first punch to the last. Stay tuned to this post for the FX portion of the evening and continue reading us for all the results of this historic card. Click here to revisit the Facebook portion of the card and here for the FX fights.

Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler
Round 1 – Koscheck throws a kick and Lawler lands a left. Koscheck drives through and gets a double leg takedown. Lawler landing some elbows off his back before getting back to his feet…no, Kos hangs on to the head and arm and keeps Lawler near the mat. Koscheck is working to take the back of Robbie Lawler. As Lawler gets back toward his feet, Koscheck lands a big right hand. Lawler continues to sprawl and he lands a big knee to the body. Another knee to the body and Kos is down on his knees. Big punches to the head of Josh Koscheck and referee Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight.

Winner: Robbie Lawler by TKO (R1, punches, 3:57)

Josh Neer vs. Court McGee
Round 1 – Early head kick from McGee is blocked. Leg kick from Neer. Outside leg kick and we clinch. Neer lands a big right in the clinch. McGee is coming forward with combinations and connects with several hooks. Big overhand right from Neer. Inside leg kick from Court McGee. Left hand staggers Neer. Body kick lands on the liver of Josh Neer. McGee and Neer trade leg kicks after a series of good strikes. Big kick to the body from McGee. Good right hand lands again on the chin of Neer. Jumping left hook from Neer. Court McGee hurts Neer bad with a kick to the body. Another punch to the liver and another. Neer crumbles but is still holding on. McGee tries to get on top and locks in a rear naked choke to end the round. Saved by the bell. 10-9 McGee

Round 2 – The fighters exchange leg kicks to start the round. McGee begins to go after the body of Neer again. More shots to the legs and body from McGee. McGee shoots for a takedown but it’s stuffed on the feet. Neer is landing a few left hands on Court McGee and has him circling away. McGee is hurt now and he shoots for a takedown, but Neer is landing uppercuts in the clinch. Left hook to the body from McGee. Two rights to the body and a leg kick from Neer. More shots to the body from Neer. McGee looks exhausted now and Neer is looking much faster than in round one because McGee is slowing down. Knees to the body from Neer. McGee tries a spinning back kick and Neer moves out and laughs. McGee tags him to end the round. 10-9 Neer

Round 3 – Left kick to the body from McGee. Leg kick from Neer. Inside leg kick from Neer lands. Combination lands clean from McGee and the two fighters are swinging away in teh center of the cage. Head kick from McGee is blocked and McGee shoots in and presses Neer to the cage. Court McGee lands several solid knees to the thighs of Josh Neer who sneaks out the back door. McGee with a good combination that leads to a takedown that has Neer scrambling. Neer’s face looks like he was run through a meat grinder at this point. McGee drops down in the clinch and tries for another takedown…and gets it. Josh Neer tries for a leglock, but McGee gets free and is back on top. Then Neer tries for an armbar, but McGee spins around and has a choke on Neer. Neer slips back to his back. McGee levels several short strikes on Neer. Big upkick from Neer. The round ends with McGee lands a long strike. 10-9 McGee and 29-28 for Court McGee

Winner: Court McGee by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ivan Menjivar vs. Urijah Faber
Round 1 – Big right over the top from Menjivar. Right hand from Faber and Menjivar tosses Faber to his back. Faber, however, is able to roll over and get into side control. Menjivar back to full guard. Menjivar goes to pop Faber into a submission, but Faber stands up and holds the ankles. Big elbows from Faber early in the fight. Alternating elbows from Faber, who is pushed off by Menjivar. Big upkicks, whether to the body or to the head, and Faber chooses to dive back into Menjivar’s guard. Big slashing elbow from Urijah Faber. They are back on their feet and Faber jumps onto Menjivar’s back. Menjivar looks as if he is going to shake him off, but Faber looks on a tight rear naked choke from the standing position. Menjivar has no choice by to tap.

Winner: Urijah Faber by submission (R1, rear naked choke, 4:34)

Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida
Round 1 – Inside leg kick misses from Hendo. Two leg kicks from Henderson so far. Inside leg kick from Dan Henderson. He charges forward with two punches, but Machida gets away. Machida throws out a front kick, but Henderson retaliates with a leg kick. Body kick from Machida lands on the liver. Leg and body kicks are exchanged by both fighters. Body kick lands for Machida and the two tie up momentarily. Henderson is landing leg kicks at will, but there isn’t much venom to them. Machida lands a right hand as Hendo steps in. Henderson clips Machida and tries to lock up with him. Hendo is throwing kicks to the lead leg of Machida and gets the clinch. Toss by Machida into Hendo’s guard. The round ends. 10-9 Machida

Round 2 – Outside leg kick attempt from Henderson. Hendo lands an inside leg kick. Machida lands a big kick to the body after a solid clinch and dirty boxing sequence. Front kick lands on Henderson, but he catches the kick and Hendo charges with that big right. He’s only finding air so far. Henderson misses a big right counter after two solid punches from Machida. Inside leg kick from Henderson. Hendo comes in for a takedown and eats a big knee to the body. Right hand from Machida and an inside leg kick is landed by Dan. Kick to the body from Machida. Big feint at the right hand and a miss with the “H Bomb”. Machida lands a shot as Hendo comes in. The two circle but nothing is landing. Hendo comes in with a right, but it’s blocked. Front kick from Machida. The round ends with Machida moving away from Hendo, who just plain looks slower. 10-9 Machida

Round 3 – Both fighters continue to feint their bigger shots. Henderson comes forward with rush, but his strikes are blocked. Machida lands with a big body kick. Henderson steps in and gets a takedown off a mistake by Machida. Ground and pound to the body from Henderson. Machida ties up with Hendo and holds him down. Henderson is packaging up Machida and is landing elbow strikes on the ribs of “The Dragon”. Machida uses a kimura to roll back to his feet. Machida puts out a leg kick that is blocked. He winces slightly from the checked kick. Henderson continues to load up that big right, but misses with a counter. Machida with a jumping kick to the face. Another head kick from Machida. Dan tries for one last big right hand as the fight ends. 10-9 Henderson and 29-28 for Lyoto Machida

Winner: Lyoto Machida by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship

Ronda Rousey (C) vs. Liz Carmouche
Round 1 – Rousey gets the clinch early after an early charge from Ronda. Rousey gets the fight to the mat, but Carmouche is able to defend an early submission. Carmouche gets Rousey’s back and is prepared to shock the world. She’s locked on a nasty neck crank from the standing position, but Rousey is eventually able to shake her off. Carmouche ends up with Rousey in side control. Short punches on Carmouche who is eating short shots from in a headlock. Knees to the body, but Rousey has the armbar locked on. Carmouche is defending it well and has her arms triangled to hold her arm, but Ronda rolls through and gets her flat. Carmouche’s arm is finally pried loose and Carmouche is forced to tap.

Winner: Ronda Rousey by submission (R1, armbar, 4:49)

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