Jim Ross Blog: The Undertaker’s Return to WWE, the Jack Swagger Situation, CM Punk vs. John Cena

Here’s the latest from Jim Ross on the Undertaker’s return, Jack Swagger’s arrest and CM Punk vs. John Cena Monday Night Raw. Oh, and buy his BBQ sauce here.

Jim Ross on The Undertaker:

“Like everyone else, I hope that Taker’s return to the squared circle results in him performing at WM29 but I would suggest that isn’t exactly a ‘done deal’ as I write this. Perhaps we will learn more next week on WWE TV or the week after. I’m willing to simply stay tuned and enjoy the ride and I remain optimistic. (What a novel concept.)”

Jim Ross on Jack Swagger:

“I’m still waiting for all the info to roll in from Mississippi regarding Swagger’s arrest where he was changed with some misdemeanors. Obviously this situation was ill advised and should never have happened no matter how badly timed it is perceived by some. Any time is a bad time.

I got criticized for saying that I wasn’t turning my back on Swagger and I’m still of that mindset. Can you realize how many people that I would have failed to support back in my talent relations days if I had that mentality? At some point, if one cannot solve a problem, then one must eliminate said problem. But I’ve always felt compelled that one should exhaust all reasonable remedies to solve an issue before saying adios to any talent. I’d like to think that back in the day that I was a “player’s coach” but that doesn’t mean that repeat offenders or those who are so defiant and that resist positive changes in their lives need to be kept around.

I simply hope that Swagger has learned a life lesson from his mistake and that nothing like this ever occurs again. He owes it to himself, his family, the fans and his company to do so.”

Jim Ross on John Cena vs. CM Punk on Raw:

“Thinking that the Cena vs. Punk bout on Monday Night Raw will be a really strong bout that will occupy ample time on the broadcast. Lots at stake, obviously, but it’s still a head scratcher to some degree why Cena agreed to put his main event bout vs. The Rock at stake against Cena’s arch rival. Perhaps I just answered my own question. Rival…not overwhelming success against said rival, perhaps looking to send a message to The Rock and the WWE Champion’s large, fan base as well. Whatever the reason I’d suggest that MNR will be a hot show from the sold out American Airlines Center in Dallas.”

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Source: JR's Blog