American Idol 2013 – Men and Women “Sudden Death” Round – Week 2 Review

I’ve lost interest in Idol over the years, and shifting the show to a Wednesday/Thursday schedule (and therefore putting it up against my favorite show, Survivor) really put the nail in the coffin for me – it’s TV for watching while I make dinner or on a Saturday morning now.

So I’ve just watched the two episodes from this week, which were set up the same as last week’s – everyone would perform, and then the judges would choose five to advance. Click through for some thoughts on the performances!



Candice Glover, singing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”, made it through. I think that song is a little overdone on Idol, but I liked her controlled performance. She knew when to pull back and when to hit the big notes.

I was disappointed that Jett Hermano didn’t get put through for her slowed-down performance of “Only Girl In The World”, because I thought it was really well done. Better than some performances that did get put through.

Aubrey Cleland, who sang Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” also made it through. I like this girl a lot. She chose a difficult song to sing, and I respect that she went for something that didn’t have a lot of big notes but really showed off her range and control. It maybe didn’t stand out as much as it could have, but I think she’s great and could be a frontrunner. (You know, until a flopsy-haired dude in plaid comes and wins the whole thing.)

“Bust Your Windows” is a fun, different song choice, but I wish Breanna Steer had had some more attitude than a scowl. I mean, if you’re not better than the Glee cover version, you maybe should choose another song. Breanna made it through, but I didn’t think she was great.

I’ve been a fan of Janelle Arthur from Hollywood Week, and I thought her cover of “Just a Kiss” was decent. It seemed like nerves got in her way. I’m glad she made it through, but I do worry she might get a little boring.

OK. I know y’all just really want to talk about Zoanette. And I have things to say. I do not like when someone weird is pushed through just for being weird. I like weird, and I don’t like being told that the reason I don’t like something is because I don’t get it. I don’t dislike Zoanettte because she’s kooky, I dislike her because she shouts everything and can’t hit 50% of her notes.