X-Men Spoilers: Which Member Of The Original Five Is Turning To The Dark Side?

Now, it can’t exactly be a picnic coming to the future to find out that everything is just plain, well, wrong. That there are events that horribly changed your life for the worse, and that maybe, just maybe, thinking you can go and fix them.

This is a mindset that could easily apply to four of the team. You’ve got Hank who turns into a Beast, Scott who turns into Magneto, Warren who turns into all kinds of crazy Archangel stuff, and Jean who turns into….well, nobody, she’s just dead.

Iceman has never been so fortunate to have grown up into…well, himself but old enough to rent a car.

So let’s look at what happened this issue. Warren hung out with Angel and realized that, in the future, he isn’t really himself. At all.

All-New X-Men 008-002

Despite the seeming fun of the team up, and the crap beating they give Hydra, this REALLY doesn’t sit well with him. His present day self has metal wings, crazy energy powers, and no memories at all of his past life. He isn’t Warren, and nobody will tell Warren what happened to him. Freak out? You know it.

All-New X-Men 008-018

Enough so that he wants to go home. Screw his friends, screw whatever mission they want to accomplish, he wants to go home, get his mind wiped, and then never see them again. I’ll admit, he’s overreacting, but if someone told him about his time as Death then I’d say he’s totally in his right. The thing is, it doesn’t last long.

All-New X-Men 008-019

He changes his mind, or, rather, his mind is simply changed for him.

All-New X-Men 008-020

Jean is getting a bit too arrogant with these newfound psychic abilities, and seems far more like a Ms. Emma Frost than the Jean Grey we all know and love.

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