Kendall Holt, Not Lamont Peterson, Pisses Hot – HCG The Culprit (WITH UPDATES)

See Updates Below for corrected information

Lamont Peterson is now a recidivist in the realm of using performance enhancing drugs; Ring TV has been informed that Peterson has tested positive for HCG after his win last month against Kendall Holt.

HCG is commonly used after steroid cycles to restart the body’s natural production of testosterone; after a steroid cycle many users will have lower than normal testosterone levels as the body shuts down natural production because of artificial use. When the cycle is done the body’s levels are naturally lower; HCG is used to kick start them back to normal.

LA Dodger Manny Ramirez famously tested positive for it at the end of his baseball career.

Peterson tested positive for synthetic testosterone before his rematch with Amir Kahn, of course. According to RING TV the result was revealed in official documents released by D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Commission’s Administrator, Sheldon J. Brown, to IBF President Daryl Peoples yesterday.

Peterson is scheduled to defend his IBF title against Lucas Matthysse in May; so far no word has come back as to whether or not he’ll be allowed to fight or even keep the title.

Inside Fights will have more as the story breaks.

UPDATE: Dan Rafael of ESPN is reporting that the result may not be Peterson. Per his Twitter feed:

“Failed test in Peterson-Holt: IBF says report indicates “atypical finding” for HCG. BUT doesnt say which fighter.”

SECOND UPDATE: Apparently it was Kendall Holt, not Lamont Peterson, who tested positive for HCG. Per Gabriel Montoya of Leave it in the Ring Radio’s Twitter feed:

“I am told by that Kendall Holt, NOT Lamont Peterson, tested positive as erroneously reported by @RINGMagazine’s Lem Satterfield.”

We’ve updated our headline to reflect the correction in the story.

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Source: RING TV